Trump had four years for successful diplomacy with Iran: government

August 11, 2020 - 16:4

TEHRAN - Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday that U.S. President Donald Trump had four years of time to start a successful diplomacy with Iran by adopting a right and legal path.

“He not only did not do that, but made the worst mistakes in the past decades,” Rabiei said during a press conference.

He added that the policy of pressure will never yield result even if Trump is reelected in the November elections.

“In case of continuing hostile policy against the Iranian people, we are ready to exercise maximum resistance until it is needed,” the government spokesman stated.

On Sunday, Trump said he will “have a deal” with Iran a month after possible victory in the presidential election.

While Tehran has maintained that it would not negotiate under pressure, Trump made the comment as his country was about to introduce a resolution at the United Nations to extend an arms embargo against Iran.

The Republican nominee, who is set to face former Vice President Joe Biden in November, made the claim at a campaign fundraiser in the state of New Jersey.

“When we win, we will have a deal within four weeks,” Trump was cited as saying by several media outlets.

Iranian government spokesman said, “If Trump be serious about making up for past mistakes, we will welcome it. However, it does not seem that his claims be anything more than gaining votes.”

‘Iran will respond to any provocative action by U.S.’

Rabiei also said that Iran will not show the least tolerance in case of any provocative act by the United States. 

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last Wednesday that the UN Security Council will vote this week on a U.S. bid to extend the arms embargo on Iran, despite warnings by some diplomats that the measure lacks support, Reuters reported.

Rabiei said that any resolution that violates the 2231 resolution, which endorses the 2015 nuclear deal, will be a mockery of international law.

“The United States’ regime is well aware that this destructive and unlawful attempt will be another catastrophic and isolating failure. The United States’ insistence on continuing this path cannot mean anything but refraining to accept realities,” he pointed out.

Since the U.S. has quit the JCPOA it has no legal right to demand extension of arms embargo against Iran or invoke a snapback of UN sanctions. However, since the U.S. is acting like a bully, it has threatened to return UN sanction if its push for arms embargo fails.

Majid Takht-Ravanchi, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, has said that the UN Security Council should reject the United States’ bullying and unilateralism.

“At the #UNSC, the US is actively resorting to Iran-phobia & coercion to gain support for its unlawful anti-2231 resolution, illegally seeking to extend an arms embargo on Iran. The Council must reject bullying & unilateralism—again—as it did when US first introduced its draft,” Takht-Ravanchi tweeted on Monday.


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