Artworks represent bittersweet images of Iran-Iraq war

September 25, 2020 - 18:20

TEHRAN – An online exhibition displaying artworks in various media on the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war opened on Thursday. 

The exhibit entitled “8X40” has been organized by Iran’s Institute for Development of Contemporary Visual Arts to mark the 40th anniversary of the war, which is known as the Sacred Defense in Iran. 

The artworks on view at the exhibition were created during the war or a few years afterwards, and reflect the views of the artists in those years. 

The collection includes paintings, graphic designs, sculptures, photos and cartoons, which directly or indirectly center on war and its aftermath during the eight years. 

The photographers are the individuals who have been in close contact with the war, having recorded the events on the frontlines.

Afshin Shahrudi in one of his photos depicts an elderly woman at the grave of a martyr, upon which a punctured war helmet is seen. 

In another photo taken by Amir-Ali Javadian, a soldier is seen on the frontline busy praying, and war photographer Jasem Ghazbanur has portrayed a lonely boy wandering among the broken palm trees in the southwestern region of the country.

The visual artists have also painted the war moments. Iraj Eskandari has painted a tired soldier who is back home. Habibollah Sadeqi has painted the martyrs like flying angels, and Nasser Palangi has painted a number of women who are mourning for one of their family members who has been martyred. 

Graphic designers have focused on the Iraqi invasion of Iran.

Ebrahim Haqiai has symbolized the war as a battle between a lion and dragons.

The exhibition can be found on

Photo: A photo by war photographer Jasem Ghazbanpur on display at the online exhibit “8x40”.


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