Anthropology museum opens in Masuleh

October 9, 2020 - 17:10

TEHRAN - A museum of anthropology was inaugurated in the tourist village of Masuleh, northern Gilan province, on Tuesday.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, deputy provincial tourism chief Vali Jahani, said that the museum displays objects and relics related to the culture of the people of Masuleh and its surroundings, some of which date back to four centuries ago.

The museum consists of three halls that showcase objects, weapons, artifacts, hunting, and agriculture tools made by the people of Masuleh over the centuries.

The history of Masuleh dates back to around one thousand years ago.

The city features earth-colored houses that are stacked photogenically on top of one another like giant Lego blocks, clinging to a mountainside so steep that the roof of one house forms the pathway for the next.

In summer, local and foreign tourists swarm like ants across the village's rooftops and through its narrow passageways, according to the Lonely Planet.


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