Ancient decorated potteries unearthed in eastern Iran

October 21, 2020 - 20:0

TEHRAN – A number of ancient potteries bearing geometric patterns and symbols have recently been unearthed during an archaeological survey at Gabri archaeological site in Sarbisheh county, eastern South Khorasan province.

Ancient architectural ruins, kilns, and animal skeletons, which are believed to date from the Sassanid era, were also found during the survey, IRNA reported on Tuesday.

Situated on an easternmost point of the Iranian soil, near the border with Afghanistan, Sarbisheh is home to the mysterious village of Makhunik, which was inhabited by people of very short stature until about a century ago.

In 2005, Makhunik appeared in the news as a mummified body measuring 25cm in length was unearthed. It widely fostered a belief that this remote region was once home to ancient dwarfs. Subsequent studies, however, concluded that the mummy was a premature baby who died some 400 years ago.


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