Iranian artists organize events celebrating birthday of Prophet Muhammad (S)

November 4, 2020 - 18:32

TEHRAN – Iranian artists are organizing several exhibitions and festivals celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

An exhibition displaying a variety of artworks at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran is one of the events.
Entitled “The Name of Ahmad” (Ahmad is a nickname for the Prophet Muhammad [S]), the exhibition offers a selection of paintings, calligraphy works, illustrations, photos, sculptures, ceramics, and graphic designs.

The artworks have been selected from the collections offered by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Iran’s Institute for Development of Contemporary Visual Arts.

Mosteza Afshar, Kazem Chalipa, Nasser Seifi and Morteza Asadi are among the artists whose paintings are on view.

Among the illustrators are Hoda Haddadi, Sahar Khorasani, Pejman Rahimzadeh and Hamidreza Rashidian.

Photos by Rasul Oliazadeh, Saeid Janbozorgi, Ahmad Jalilian, Jasem Ghazbanpur and several other photographers have been selected for the showcase.

Artworks by masters of miniature and calligraphic paintings including Mohammad-Baqer Aqamiri, Ziaeddin Emami, Nasrollah Afjei, Rafat Negarandeh and Mohammad Ehsai are also included.

In addition, the Art Bureau is displaying a collection of miniature and calligraphy works on the theme of the Prophet of Islam (S) in different galleries of the forum. 

Works by Masud Salehi, Hamid Ajami, Saedi Naqqashian, Hossein Emsati and Jamshid Sarhaddi are on view at the exhibit named “Image of the Sun”.

Also in honor of the Prophet Muhammad (S), the Music Center of the Art Bureau has organized a national music festival under the title “Melodies on Muhammad (S)”.

The festival has been organized to honor the musicians and producers of valuable works on Prophet Muhammad (S).

Interested applicants are asked to submit their works to the organizers of the festival before January 4.

Photo: An illustration by Pejman Rahimizadeh on display in the exhibition “The Name of Ahmad”.


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