President receives credentials from seven new ambassadors

December 15, 2020 - 21:41

TEHRAN — President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday received credentials of the new ambassadors of seven countries to Tehran, namely Syria, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Uganda and Tunisia.

Iran to stand by Syrian nation, government

In his meeting with Syria’s new Ambassador to Tehran Shafiq Dayoub, Rouhani said Iran will stand by the Syrian nation and government until their final victory against terrorism, the return of refugees and the reconstruction of the war-torn country.

He described the Iran-Syria relations as strategic and friendly, saying the Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the Syrian people in defending the truth and fighting terrorism until the final victory.

Rouhani also expressed his condolences on the death of the late Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem and lauded his efforts to bolster relations between Tehran and Damascus.

The president pledged to continue efforts to help fully establish stability and peace in Syria.

For his part, the Syrian envoy said his country wants to preserve all the valuable achievements that have been realized in the past four decades in bilateral relations.

He also thanked the Iranian people and government for their support for the Syrian people.

Iran ready to enhance ties with Bangkok 

Rouhani told the new Thai Ambassador Worawoot Pongprapapant that Iran is ready to enhance bilateral ties with Bangkok in different fields.

He said great potential exists for enhancing the level of bilateral ties, hoping for the realization of these potentials during the new ambassador’s term.

Pongprapapant, for this part, said his country is determined to strengthen ties with Iran in areas that meet mutual interests. 

Thailand asks for the increased presence of Thai students in Iran to study in different fields, he said.

Rouhani calls for increased presence of Japanese companies in Iran 

Speaking with the newly-appointed Japanese ambassador Aikawa Kazutoshi, the president emphasized the necessity of accelerating the implementation of ties, and for unfreezing of Iran’s assets in Japanese banks.

Rouhani said Tehran welcomes expansion of cooperation with Tokyo in different fields, expressing hopes to see a change in ties in the new atmosphere and an increased presence of Japanese companies in Iran.

For his part, the Japanese ambassador stressed that Tokyo is firm to boost cooperation with Tehran in fields of mutual interest.

The envoy said Iran and Japan have always been good partners, adding that the implementation of previous deals will create vast opportunities for strengthening relations.

Tehran ready to deepen trade ties with Mexico

In the meeting with the new ambassador of Mexico to Tehran, Guillermo Alejandro Ponte, Rouhani voiced Iran’s readiness to deepen trade and industrial ties with Mexico.

He underscored the importance of cooperation between companies from the two countries.

The president also expressed the hope that Tehran-Mexico City relations would expand further.

The Mexican ambassador hailed Iran as a friendly country and an ally of his country. “Mexico has made every effort to expand cooperation and improve bilateral ties with Iran,” he added.

President says Iran, Indonesia represent moderate Islam

Meeting with Indonesian Ambassador to Tehran Ronny Prasetyo Yuliantoro, President Rouhani highlighted Iran’s will to increase cooperation and develop economic, cultural, scientific and technological relations with Indonesia.

Rouhani also pointed to his visit to Indonesia and his meetings with the country’s ulema, saying the kind of Islam that is followed by Iran and Indonesia is based on “the principles of moderation and generosity”. 

Yuliantoro, for his part, reiterated the Indonesian president's emphasis on expanding the two countries' relations in all fields, mutual cooperation and the continued presence of Iranian and Indonesian companies in the two countries, the implementation of joint projects, and using new opportunities for cooperation.

Iran ready to transfer scientific experiences to Uganda 

In the meeting with Mohammad Tezikoba, Uganda’s newly-appointed ambassador, Rouhani described the Tehran-Kampala relations as friendly and developing.

He said Iran is ready to transfer its scientific experiences to Uganda as a friendly country, adding that Iranian companies can also have a more active presence in Uganda.

Mohammad Tzikuba, for his part, said Uganda is after expanding cooperation with Iran in all fields and considering the great scientific and technical progress of Iran, Uganda wants a more active presence of Iranian companies in Uganda.

Tunisia can be Iran’s gateway to African countries

In another meeting with the new Tunisian Ambassador Samir al-Mansour, the Iranian president lauded the positive stance of Tunisia toward Iran and its support in the international forums, especially in the face of the U.S. government’s sanctions.

He said that Tunisia, as a Muslim country in North Africa, can be a gateway for Iran to African countries.

Al-Mansour also emphasized that his country has a strong will to develop comprehensive ties with Iran as a friendly, brotherly and Muslim country.

He added that Tunisia can serve as a platform for Iran's relations with Europe and Africa.


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