“The Reversed Path”, “The Badger” join Jaipur filmfest 

December 29, 2020 - 19:0

TEHRAN – “The Reversed Path” by Abolfazl Jalili and “The Badger” by Kazem Mollai have joined other Iranian films selected to compete in the 13th Jaipur International Film Festival, which will go online in India from January 15 to 19, 2021.

Jalili has said that “The Reversed Path” is a screen adaptation of his life story.

“By this film, I wanted to make children watch the night sky, crying until morning, but children in this modern day do not have any idea about the subject of the film. They stay awake all the night wasting their time in cyberspace,” he lamented.

“The Badger” is about Sudeh, whose 11-year-old son, Matiar, is kidnapped right before her second marriage. After considerable effort, Sudeh is forced to ask for the ransom money from her ex-husband, Peyman. After Matiar’s release, Sudeh, being curious, comes to the sudden realization that it was all her son’s plan to provide a means for his father’s return.

“The Other”, a co-production between Iran and India by Ravinder Dhaka, will be screened in the short film competition.

Earlier in November, the organizers announced that  “The Inheritance” by Sadeq Sadeq-Daqiqi and “That Night’s Train” by Hamidreza Qotbi from Iran will be screened in the official competition of the festival.

“The Inheritance” is a comedy-drama which portrays a man who finds out his friend has been in a relationship with a woman much younger than himself and that they have nothing in common. 

“That Night’s Train” is about a writer who also works as a teacher. She narrates the story of an orphan girl to her students. Each student continues the story with her own imagination and this gives the teacher material for her new story.

Photo: “The Reversed Path” by Abolfazl Jalili.


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