10,000 nurses hail Leader’s ‘wise’ stance on Covid-19 vaccine

January 13, 2021 - 19:52

TEHRAN – About 10,000 Iranian nurses have launched a campaign to thank the Leader of Islamic Revolution for his “wise and strong” positions on the Covid-19 vaccine and the issues faced by nurses and health workers in the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, the nurse voiced support for the Leader’s positions on the coronavirus vaccine, saying that they are ready to execute his orders.

“We nurses not only support the Leader’s recent stances on the coronavirus vaccine and the fundamental issues facing the nursing field and the healthcare system’s infrastructure, but we also consider ourselves to be the executives, advocates, and followers of our dear Leader’s orders,” the statement said, according to a Press TV report.

The nurses hailed the Leader’s support for a Covid-19 vaccine developed by Iranian scientists, describing the vaccine as “a source of national pride and power, and a guarantor of the entire nation’s health, especially that of medical workers.”

They also expressed discontent about importing coronavirus vaccine, calling such a move a “historic disgrace” that would only serve to complete foreign research projects.

The statement was issued on behalf of a campaign called “Thank you, My Leader,” which aims to express gratitude to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

During his January 8 speech, the Leader praised the Iranian-developed Covid-19 vaccine as “a source of pride,” underlining that no one should deny the breakthrough.

“This should not be denied. It is a source of dignity and pride for the country. Of course, they are working on vaccines in different ways, but in one case, they tested it on humans and it has proved to be successful. Some people should not try to deny it,” the Leader said. “There are some individuals who cast doubts on every great feat accomplished in the country. When our youth built nuclear centrifuges and when I mentioned them in my public speeches a few times, some scientific personalities wrote letters to me saying, ‘Aqa, do not be deceived by these claims. They cannot do such a thing.’ They rejected it downright saying that it was not possible, but you witnessed what happened and what achievements we achieved.”

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out that Iranian researchers have tested their vaccine on humans and they will develop an even better and more effective vaccine.

He also prohibited importing American and British Covid-19 vaccines due to their unreliable testing.

“Importing American and British vaccines into the country is forbidden. I have said this to officials and I am saying it publicly now. If the Americans had managed to produce a vaccine, this corona disaster would not have occurred in their own country. A few days ago, they registered 4,000 deaths in the course of 24 hours. If they know how to produce a vaccine and if their Pfizer company can produce a vaccine, why would they give it to us? Well, they can use it for themselves so that they will not have so many deaths and so many victims. The same is true of England. Therefore, they are not trustworthy. I do not really trust them,” the Leader stated.


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