Pakistan PM: Pompeo’s attempts to link al-Qaeda to Iran intended to please Israel

January 17, 2021 - 13:0
Imran Khan says no one believes Pompeo’s claim that Iran has links with al-Qaeda

TEHRAN – The prime minister of Pakistan has said the purpose behind U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's anti-Iran’s remarks is to appease the Zionists, but the world does not believe in his false allegations, IRNA reported on Saturday.

In an interview with Pakistani Bol News, Imran Khan stressed that Pompeo's accusations against Iran and its affiliation with al-Qaeda are never credible and the world does not accept such remarks.

He added Pompeo’s tenure has almost expired, however, his accusations are very dangerous and their main goal is to gain the sympathies of the Zionists.

“There is no doubt that Pompeo is making such baseless accusations against Iran to satisfy Israel. Of course, he may be preparing for the 2024 elections and with this aim, he is seeking the support of the Zionist lobby,” Khan noted.

He added only the Zionist regime in the region is seeking to weaken Iran. 

“No country like Iran has stood on its own two feet that is why the United States is trying to create unrest in Iran after Syria and Iraq," the prime minister warned.

Imran Khan added, “Unfortunately, all the policies of the Secretary of State of the Trump administration are focused on satisfying the Zionist regime.”

In remarks on January 12, Pompeo claimed that al-Qaeda has now a new base in Iran, an allegation that he failed to provide any proof for it. Even some U.S. officials have cast doubts over Pompeo’s remarks.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to Pompeo’s allegations, saying, "No one will be deceived. All the terrorists involved in 9/11 event were from favorite countries of Mike Pompeo in the Middle East, and none from Iran.”

Former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton had admitted that it was the U.S. that “created” and “funded” al-Qaeda to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan.

“Let’s remember here that people we are fighting today, we funded 20 years ago. And we did it because we were locked in the struggle with the Soviet Union; they invaded Afghanistan. And we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we went to work. And it was President Reagan in partnership with the Congress-led by Democrats, who said you know what? Sounds like a pretty good idea…. let's go recruit these mujahidin. And great, let's get some to come from Saudi Arabia and other places, importing their Wahhabi brand of Islam, so that we can go beat the Soviet Union. And guess what? They retreated. They lost billions of dollars, and it led to the collapse of the Soviet Union,” Clinton infamously said testifying before a Congressional committee.



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