Imran Khan


  • ‘National award’ for Pakistani victim of Christchurch 2019-03-18 22:23

    ‘National award’ for Pakistani victim of Christchurch

    TEHRAN - Pakistani government has announced a national award for one of the victims of Christchurch mosque shootout last Friday, in which 49 people were killed, including nine Pakistani nationals.

  • Khan 2019-03-17 10:36

    Peace in Afghanistan “around the corner”: Khan

    TEHRAN - In Afghanistan’s peace process, Pakistan has always had an important role to play and since the new government took over in Islamabad last year, the cooperation has markedly increased.

  • Iran-Pakistan 2019-03-12 09:54

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Iran wants Pakistan to walk the talk on terror

    TEHRAN - Imran Khan, the populist premier of Pakistan, created flutter when he assumed power following his party’s landslide victory in general election late last year.

  • روحانی و عمران خان 2019-03-10 21:05

    Pakistan promises ‘good news’ for Iran over border attack

    TEHRAN – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he would soon have “good news” for Iran regarding measures against a terrorist group behind a deadly suicide attack in Iran’s southeastern border areas.

  • Imran Khan 2019-03-10 10:07

    ‘Pakistani won't allow its soil to be used for terrorist activities'

    TEHRAN -In last few weeks, since the saber-rattling between the two South Asian nuclear giants took them to the brink of a full-fledged war, the role of Pakistani premier in de-escalating tensions has been significant.

  • Imran Khan 2019-03-05 10:30

    Resolution calls for Nobel Peace Prize to Imran Khan

    TEHRAN - A resolution has been submitted in Pakistan parliament to endorse Prime Minister Imran Khan for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize due to his efforts to de-escalate recent tension with India.

  • Modi-Khan 2019/03/03

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Khan outmaneuvers Modi with his statesmanship

    TEHRAN - It appears that better sense has prevailed between the two warring South Asian neighbors – India and Pakistan – with military belligerence coming to a halt, at least for now.

  • Pakistan to free captured Indian pilot in effort to defuse Kashmir standoff 2019-03-01 12:29

    Pakistan to free captured Indian pilot in effort to defuse Kashmir standoff

    India is waiting for the release of a pilot who has been in Pakistani custody since he was shot down over Kashmir on Wednesday, a goodwill gesture which could defuse the gravest crisis in the disputed border region in years.

  • Imran Khan 2019-02-26 10:32

    Pakistan PM says he is in ‘favor of peace’

    TEHRAN - Amidst the shrill rhetoric of war and retaliation, Pakistani prime minister has again extended an olive branch to India, saying he is in favor of peace in the region.

  • India-Pakistan 2019-02-26 10:31

    Pakistan experts urge govt ‘to be prepared’ for war

    TEHRAN - As tensions escalate between India and Pakistan, three of Pakistan's former foreign secretaries have urged their government to be prepared to deter any "aggressive action" by India.

  • Sanjay Kapoor 2019/02/26

    By Sanjay Kapoor

    India and Pakistan on the warpath again

    TEHRAN - On February 14, a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into a convoy of para-military police force returning to trouble-torn Kashmir valley. When the haze cleared after the earth-shaking blast, the survivors of the large convoy carrying 2500 soldiers found only the mangled remains of what was a bus carrying 41 of their colleagues.

  • Pakistan to fence 950km of border with Iran 2019-02-25 16:03

    Islamabad hopes to keep militants in check after attack on IRGC frayed ties with Tehran

    Pakistan to fence 950km of border with Iran

    In order to de-escalate tensions with its neighbour in the west, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s administration plans to fence 950km of the border linking Pakistan’s Balochistan province with Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan province.

  • MBS_Imran Khan 2019/02/24

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Pakistan a pawn in Saudi’s sinister game

    TEHRAN - When Pakistan premier Imran Khan took oath of office in August last year, there was a lot of speculation about his government’s foreign policy, especially relations with Tehran and Riyadh.

  • Taliban - U.S. meeting in Islamabad postponed 2019-02-19 09:58

    Taliban - U.S. meeting in Islamabad postponed

    TEHRAN _ The meeting between a delegation of the Afghan Taliban and the U.S. officials, which was scheduled to take place in Islamabad on February 18, has been postponed.

  • MBS in Pakistan 2019-02-17 10:00

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    #MBSNotWelcome trends in Pakistan ahead of MBS’ visit

    TEHRAN - Ahead of Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s (MBS) much-publicized maiden visit to Pakistan starting Sunday, the chorus against his visit is growing louder.

  • Imran Khan 2019-02-13 22:39

    Pakistan PM sees silver lining in dark clouds of flailing economy

    TEHRAN - Despite critics painting a grim picture of Pakistan's flailing economy and ringing alarm bells, Prime Minister Imran Khan is optimistic and sees a bright future for his country.

  • Imran Khan 2019-02-07 01:41

    Pakistan reaffirms support to Afghan peace process

    TEHRAN - At a time when hectic negotiations are underway to restore peace in war-ravaged Afghanistan, a senior Pakistani official says his country is playing a key role in Afghanistan’s peace process.

  • Modi-Khan 2019-01-12 22:03

    India hits back at Pakistan PM, says offers for dialogue ‘not serious’

    TEHRAN - The blame games continue between India and Pakistan, as the two estranged South Asian neighbors accuse each other of creating roadblocks for peace process.

  • Pakistan-Turkey 2019-01-06 11:49

    Turkey to host trilateral meet on Afghanistan

    TEHRAN - Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan made his maiden visit to Turkey after coming to power and held wide-ranging talks with Turkish officials, including President Recep Erdogan.

  • Imran Khan 2019-01-02 21:05

    Pakistan PM’s jihad against ‘four ills’

    TEHRAN - The recently-elected government in Pakistan, which has inherited flailing economy, rampant corruption, poor security, and rising unemployment, wants to tackle all these issues this year.

  • South Asia 2018-12-31 21:46

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi


    TEHRAN - The year gone by was shaped by many significant events in South Asia. There was drama, there was intrigue, there was betrayal, there was brutality, and there was a healing touch too.

  • China-Pakistan 2018-12-25 11:40

    Pakistan army chief backs PM Khan’s peace overtures to India

    TEHRAN - The civil and military leadership in Pakistan have often had conflicting views on important political issues, with latter asserting its authority and influencing major policy decisions.

  • Shireen Mazari 2018-12-09 10:32

    Pakistan expels 18 global aid groups

    TEHRAN - Pakistan has ousted 18 international aid groups from the country, accused of deliberately spreading misinformation against the Imran Khan government in Islamabad.

  • khan 2018-12-09 10:16

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Pakistan won’t fight anyone else's war; can’t be treated as ‘hired gun’, says PM Khan

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician, was known on the pitch for his flamboyance and aggression. A fierce competitor, he always led his team by example and turned aggression into a lethal weapon to subdue his competitors and gain upper hand over them.

  • Raza Rumi 2018-12-03 22:40

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Indian gov. avoids dialogue with Pakistan

    TEHRAN _ The relations between two estranged neighbors – India and Pakistan – continue to be marked by acrimony and distrust. Despite the new government in Islamabad headed by Imran Khan extending a hand of friendship to New Delhi, the response from the BJP-led government in India has not been too warm, owing to several reasons, including India’s allegation that Pakistan supports terrorist groups.

  • Pakistan-China 2018-12-03 22:34

    China to provide multiple bailout packages to help Pakistan ‘overcome its financial crunch’

    The growing strategic partnership between China and Pakistan has been one of the defining stories of past few years, especially after the Pakistan-U.S. ‘marriage of convenience’ ended in an acrimonious divorce.

  • Pakistan 2018/12/01

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Kartarpur project: Imran Khan's diplomatic masterstroke

    TEHRAN _ At a time when sabre-rattling between the two South Asian estranged neighbors has escalated to alarming proportions, Pakistan has quite remarkably managed to score a big diplomatic victory over India with the Kartarpur Corridor project.

  • Imran khan 2018-11-29 02:32

    Pakistan PM lays stone of Kartarpur corridor

    TEHRAN_While India has categorically stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be attending the SAARC Summit in Islamabad, some Indian union ministers on Wednesday attended the foundation laying ceremony of Kartarpur corridor in Pakistan.

  • India-Pakistan 2018-11-29 02:30

    India turns down Pakistan’s invite to PM Modi for SAARC Summit

    TEHRAN_ The relationship between the two estranged neighbors India and India keeps fluctuating. Last week’s developments had inspired hope that the relations between them might be back on track. But Indian government seems least interested to shake hands with Pakistan at least for now.

  • India 2018-11-26 21:48

    Indian ministers to attend Pakistan event

    TEHRAN _ After many weeks of saber-rattling, accusations and counter-accusations, estranged neighbors India and Pakistan are again attempting to build a bridge between them.