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Delivery of Trade Units at Mica Mall Shopping, Entertaining, Recreational and Welfare Center Kicked

January 18, 2021 - 9:59
Realizing objectives of tourism development and economic growth of Kish by operation of Grand Mica Mall Project

The delivery of booths of Mica Mall Shopping, Recreational, Entertaining and Welfare Complex started in line with realization of objectives of development of tourism as well as economic growth of Kish.

The ground was broken by Mr. Nader Keshtkar investor and owner of Mall Shopping, Trade, Recreational, and Welfare Complex in 2012 with the intention of construction of a unique trade and recreational complex in the country on Kish Island, Hormozgan province.

Presently, 200 trade units are ready for delivery to applicants and owners of these units at Mica Mall Shopping and Trade Complex. The delivery of trade units at the Complex will be considered as a giant stride in development of tourism industry on Kish Island and the country as well.

To learn more about the details, we reached out to investors and owners of this giant complex in order to respond to the relevant questions.

In a press briefing, he said that 40 to 50 trade units of the Complex will be delivered to the applicants of trade units each week, adding, “Operations of supplying power, heating and cooling systems of the project have been completed and owners of these units can embark on carrying out interior design and shop window of their units under the strict supervision of expert interior design companies.”

He pointed to the financial facilities and loans offered to applicants and owners of these units and added, “Owners of these units can take advantage of facilities of the Complex, worth 10 billion rials, with 5-year repayment period and 18 percent interest rates in order to complete the interior design of these units.”

The time of using these facilities and loans, which is called breathing time, exceeds six months, he said, adding, “That is to say that applicants and owners of these units can now receive the loan and start paying their loan as of Shahrivar month of next Iranian calendar year (Sept. 2021).”

Elsewhere in his remarks, owner of Mica Mall Complex said that trade units will be delivered to applicants in a time interval of two months and this giant complex will be reopened at three stages which will totally be put into operation in the time interval of 6 to 8 months.

As mentioned above, the Complex would be reopened at three stages as follows, the first stage is the delivery of the units, the second stage is the official opening of the project and the third stage is the operation of all people and walks of life from facilities and amenities of the Complex, he said, adding, “Generally speaking, Mica Mall Project will be put into operation in the Iranian month of Shahrivar in next year (to start March 21, 2021).”

Nader Keshtkar pointed to the trade units in this Complex and added, “Some of the units have been constructed as large as 1,000 square meters so that completion of construction operation of these units with large square meters will take more time to be completed.”

Mr. Ilhan Karakaya Design Manager of Turkish Mall Mark Company, who has the experience of designing 12 Trade and Commercial Complexes in Turkey and the Middle East region, pointed to Mica Mall Shopping Center which is one of the unique of its kind projects in the Middle East and added, “Mica Mall Trade and Commercial Complex is one of the largest-ever projects in the Middle East.”

A number of 10 recreational centers are running under the strict supervision of Mica Mall Complex, he said, adding, “Cable-cabin and telesige is one of the attractions of this giant recreational complex.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to the safety of this giant project and added, “The safety and security system of the Complex is so high equipped with world’s most modern technologies. The Fore Alarm and Extinguishing System of the Complex has been equipped with smart and intelligent systems observing requirements of international standards.”

More than 800 CCTV cameras have been installed at various parts of the Complex which can detect a very small incidents and can obstacle the outbreak of any incident very completely, he added.

Keshtkar Chief Executive of Mica Mall Complex said, “All doors of this giant complex will be opened to all public and tourists in Iranian month of Shahrivar next year (to start March 21, 2021).”

Completion of construction operation and commissioning of all units of this giant Complex are underway, he said, adding, “Cable cabin station of the Complex will be opened in New Iranian Year in current year (March 20, 2020) and free of charge services will be offered to visitors and tourists.”

Turning to the other amenities of the Complex, Keshtkar added, “The Complex has been equipped with magnificent restaurant in each floor of the complex so that each floor is equipped with Food Court which will offer very high-quality services to customers.”

The celebrities and famous persons as well as reliable brands have been invited to continue their activities in this giant Complex, the CEO of Mica Mall reiterated.

Equipped warehouses and cooling storages have been considered in the Complex observing requirements of international standards, he said, adding, “The restaurants and food courts at this giant Complex will offer very high-quality services to customers.”

Turning to the transfer of hypermarket of this Complex, he said, “Hypermarket of Mica Mall Complex has been assigned to one of the reliable and famous brands in Kish. With the coordination made in this regard, the work on designing and arranging hypermarket, as large as 4,000 square meters, has started and it is scheduled that the designing and arranging activities of hypermarket of this Complex will be finished by the end of Ordibehesht month of next Iranian year (April-May, 2021).”

The management of Mica Mall Complex will welcome constructive proposals of people in better offering quality services.

Turning to the employment of job-seeking people at this giant Complex, CEO of Mica Mall Complex said, “With the coordination made in this regard, employment notices will be published in widely circulated papers and various media in coming weeks.”

The investor and owner of this giant project also unveiled two manual books related to the internal bylaws of the Complex and principle of training personnel with ethical rules and regulations in the presence of media companions.

He put the total number of units at Mica Mall Complex at 600 and added, “Cable cabin station, ice skating, winter sports, etc. are of the salient specifications of this giant complex.”

Since 10 percent of infrastructure of Kish Island has been allocated for the construction of this Complex, concurrent with the start of activity of this giant project, at least 4,000 people will start working on this project.

More than 68 elevators and escalators have been installed at this giant Complex, he said, adding, “Despite tough sanctions imposed against the country, all equipment, and machinery needed for installing escalators and elevators have been purchased from a European country with reliable brands.”

In the end, he seized this opportunity to express his special thanks to media companions for the reflection of economic activities of this giant project.

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