Fifteen children’s books shortlisted for Flying Turtle Awards 

February 17, 2021 - 19:1

TEHRAN – Fifteen books have been selected as finalists to compete during the 9th edition of the Flying Turtle Awards, which are presented annually to top children’s books in Iran.

Winners will be honored virtually on the Book City Institute’s Instagram, the organizers announced in a press release on Tuesday. However, no exact date was mentioned for the event.

“Edson Arantes do Nascimento and His Himalayan Rabbit” by Jamshid Khanian is one of the major contenders for the award. 

The fiction is about a writer who is faced with a strange thing, which pops up from his story, and someone, namely Edson Arantes do Nascimento, asks him about his Himalayan rabbit.

“An Evil Dragon Whose Eyes Had Astigmatism/Had Not!” by Feridun Amuzadeh-Khalili.

This book illustrated by Ghazaleh Bigdelu intends to encourage pacifism among children. It is about a dragon who doesn’t want to resort to violence on his way to achieve its goals.  

“Iran Garden”, a poetry collection by Hossein Gole-Golab, is also among the nominees. The book carries illustrations by a number of prominent Iranian artists, including Parviz Kalantari, Nureddin Zarrinkelk and Gholam-Ali Maktabi.

“You Are a Tourist” by Shahrazad Shahrjerdi has also received a nomination. In this book, a number of tourists share their experiences of visiting various places, arguing why they chose to be an adventurer.
“Bears and Other Carnivores” from the series “The Mammals of Iran” by Ali Golshan and a number of wildlife photographers is also competing for the award.

“Stories of Zulu”, a series by Payam Ebrahimi that carries basic moral training for children, has also been nominated for the honor.

Other nominees are the Persian translations of several books written by overseas writers, including “Confessions of an Imaginary Friend” by American writer Michelle Cuevas.

The book has been translated into Persian by Zahra Chupankareh. Nobody likes Jacques Papier besides his sister. When he comes across a cowgirl at the park and she informs him that he’s an imaginary friend, just like her, Jacques’s world is forever changed.

“Panorama: A Foldout Book” co-written by Fani Marceau and Joëlle Jolivet is among the foreign books nominated for the award. The book has been rendered into Persian Mohammad-Nasser Modudi.

Following is the list of other nominees: Polly Ho-Yen’s “Where Monsters Lie” translated by Shima Hosseini, Mahmoud Darwish’s “Think of Others” translated by Hossein Mottaqi, Sam Gayton’s “The Snow Merchant” translated by Sara Qanavati, Cathy Cassidy’s “Sami’s Silver Lining” translated by Fereshteh Judaki, Rafik Schami’s “The Storyteller of Damascus” translated by Omid Sadeqi-Seraji, Asa Lind’s series “The Sand Wolf” translated by Namdar Nasser-Qasri and Sarah Crossan’s “Moonrise” translated by Keivan Obeidi-Ashtiani. 

The Book City Institute and the Children’s Literature Studies Periodical are the organizers of the Flying Turtle Awards.

Photo: This combination photo shows the front covers of a number of books nominated for the Flying Turtle Awards.


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