IRGC commander praises play “Borunesi”

February 20, 2021 - 18:38

TEHRAN – Saeid Mohammad, commander of the Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarters, an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) construction unit, praised “Borunesi” after watching the play at the Sayeh Hall of Tehran’s City Theater Complex on Friday.

Morteza Shahkaram is the director of the play, which is about the life story of IRGC senior commander Abdolhossein Borunesi. 

Borunesi was martyred during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. His military life as a soldier during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah and his activities during the Islamic Revolution and post-revolution life are portrayed in the play.

Mohammad called the play very good and professional, with talented actors and a brilliant performance.

“The play beautifully portrays and connects people’s struggle during the Pahlavi regime and their active presence during the war, highlighting the national hero Borunesi. I really enjoyed the play,” he said.

“I believe this play showcases the sincerity which is rooted in our culture and beliefs. This play shows that we must live according to our beliefs. I believe this play can help make culture for the society,” he said.

He said that the topic of the war is quite varied and added, “Those who have good experience can produce new and attractive plays with the central theme of the war.”

“The war represents the issue of defending our land, consequently all Iranians are interested in this topic,” he stated.

He next met and talked with the director of the complex, Ebrahim Galledarzadeh.

He said that the pandemic and the theater lockdowns have caused great damages to the actors, and if the closure continues they even face more serious damages.

He also expressed thanks to the organizers who observe the health protocols and social distancing during the performance.

A major part of the play portrays Borunesi as the commander of Javad ul-Aemah (AS) Brigade 18, an IRGC combat unit that took part in Operation Badr in March 1985.

Borunesi was martyred during the operation and his soldiers failed to return his remains. However, some of his personal effects, including his ID tag, were excavated 27 years after his death along with a skeleton in the area where the operation had been carried out.   

Mohsen Pushai, Masud Shami-Khatuni, Parva Aqajani, Farid Kiamarsi, Iman Solgi, Ahmad Samimi, Sala Mosayyebzadeh, Majid Rahmati and Shahkaram himself are the members of the cast. 

The play is from a collection of plays on Iranian veterans martyred during the war, which was unveiled by the General Office for Dramatic Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance at Tehran’s City Theater Complex in February 2020.

Photo: Thespians act in a scene from “Borunesi” by Morteza Shahkaram at Tehran’s City Theater Complex. (Tehran Picture Agency/Milad Beheshti)


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