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Fake News Poses a Threat to National Product

February 23, 2021 - 15:48

Naderi cookies (Koloocheh) were reported to be carcinogenic in the foreign (international) Persian-language media, according to a German publication. After the necessary examinations and tests, the health of this product was reaffirmed.

As reported by the public relations (PR) of the Business Development UNESCO Club, this product was re-examined and re-tested following the publication of news in the foreign Persian-language media about the carcinogenicity of Naderi cookies (Koloocheh), according to a German publication.

The samples were carefully and scientifically examined in reference laboratories inside and outside the country. After receiving the test result and a clean bill of health from the competent authorities, the previous claim that this product is carcinogenic is refuted according to the documentation provided.

In response to the World Health Organization (WHO) announcement, the Director-General of the Food and Beverage Supervision of Iran Food and Drug Administration (IFDA) also announced that all Iran's export products are produced in accordance with WHO regulations, Codex Alimentarius, and IFDA.

Robabeh Shaykh al-Islam, president of Iran's Scientific Association for Healthy Food and Nutrition, also reacted and stated that this product does not contain any microbial and chemical according to the documentation provided, inspections and tests performed contaminants hazardous to human health and it is safe to consume.

The Iranian Food Science and Technology Association also denied the claim of the German publication and confirmed the health of the company's products. Accordingly, it considered the health of consumers on the sidelines of food security.

Business Development UNESCO Club was established in the Year of Leap in Production to support producers and help develop their scientific, educational, and cultural infrastructure. NADERI Food Industries Group is a member of this club

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