Iranian doc “Maze of Progress” examines resistance economy in Russia, China, Turkey

March 2, 2021 - 18:23

TEHRAN – Iranian documentary “Maze of Progress” scrutinizing the resistance economy in Russia, China and Turkey has been produced at Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

“This documentary studies the positive and negative aspects of the economy of the countries, and this can be helpful for our country as understanding these topics is necessary for our economy,” director Mohsen Eslamzadeh told the Persian service of MNA on Tuesday.

Eslamzadeh and his crew have made trips to the countries to make the three-episode documentary, the first part of which was broadcast on IRIB’s Channel 3 on Monday.

They have conducted interviews with dozens of officials and experts in the countries, including a former deputy director of the World Bank and senior officials in the Communist Party.

“This documentary’s target audiences are elites, politicians, policy-makers and statesmen, however, it is certainly interesting for a general audience, because it has been produced to be broadcast on television,” he said.

The Open Door Policy in China, the struggle against the international sanctions on Russia and globalization in Turkey are among the topics scrutinized in this documentary.

The episode “Lottery in the Land of Coups” is dedicated to Turkey, while “Life without French Cheeses” focuses on Russia, and China has been surveyed in “The Mystery of the Yellow Dragon”.

Eslamzadeh has previously made documentaries on international issues. “Life Among War Flags” is one of them. 

It is the narration of war from two perspectives. At the beginning of the documentary, the camera accompanies the army into regions under the control of the government, and then it narrates the war from the perspective of the Taliban.

ISIS members from Turkey, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and some European countries who were interviewed inside the Taliban’s secret prisons, provide another fascinating chapter of the documentary.

He is also the director of “Alone among the Taliban”, which portrays 15 days of his stay among the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This documentary won an honorable mention in a category titled “Terrorism, a Threat to Peace” at the 19th edition of DetectiveFEST in Russia in 2017.

Photo: Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Eslamzadeh in a scene from “Maze of Progress”.


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