Iran voices support for China’s new law on Hong Kong

March 12, 2021 - 21:47

TEHRAN – Iran has expressed support for a new Chinese law regarding Hong Kong electoral system, saying that it respects any decision made by China regarding the country’s national sovereignty.

In a statement on Thursday, Saeed Khatibzadeh, spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, said Hong Kong is part of China and that anything related to it is considered China’s internal affair.

“We respect the decision made by China on its sovereignty,” said Khatibzadeh when asked by reporters on Thursday about the adoption of the new Hong Kong election law at the National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China.

“Over these years, China has shown that it well conforms to the principle of ‘one country – two systems’ in Hong Kong,” the spokesman pointed out.

“Law-making by the People's Congress of China about the election system is within the powers vested in this institution and is in line with the ‘one country – two systems’ principle,” said Khatibzadeh.

“So, any foreign interference in China’s domestic affairs which, among other things, may undermine Hong Kong’s stability, is naturally rejected,” he noted.

Chinese parliamentary body has all but unanimously approved the new law that creates new conditions for those who seek to govern Hong Kong. The law was criticized by the West as a move to undermine democracy in Hong Kong. 

“This is the latest step by Beijing to hollow out the space for democratic debate in Hong Kong, contrary to the promises made by China itself,” the UK’s foreign minister, Dominic Raab, said. “This can only further undermine confidence and trust in China living up to its international responsibilities and legal obligations as a leading member of the international community.”

China said the new law was passed by all deputies, including those from Hong Kong. 

“The meeting made the decision to approve the electoral system in Hong Kong, and won the approval from all deputies, including those from Hong Kong,” said the chair of the NPC standing committee, Li Zhanshu.


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