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Why you should visit Kish Island in Iran

April 4, 2021 - 17:38

Kish is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iran. Do you know why? Because it has many things a tourist can wish for; Kish island is very modernized to suit all visitors with any preference and at the same time, it has many traditional aspects for those in search of an Eastern touch.

Moreover, you can visit Kish island with almost any budget plan. So, let’s see in more detail why you should visit Kish in Iran. To see best travel deals, visit kish tour offers in website.

Kish Tourist Sights

Vast blue sea, long beach lines and breathtaking sunsets are capable of attracting anyone from anywhere, but Kish island is not limited to these spectacles. Here, you will see sights that date back to even thousands of years ago and to top it off, you’ll get to experience some of the most modern kish hotels or parks.

Now if you want to know more about Kish island decide for sure if it is your favorite destination, let’s take a quick look at the tourist attractions of Kish Island.

Kish Greek Ship; a Sunken Beauty

Without doubt, Greek ship is one of the most famous sights of Kish island in Iran. If you don’t already know the story behind Greek ship, it will surely amaze you.

This ship, which is made in England and belongs to Greece, sank in the Kish Sea in 1967. Since then, the Greeks have done all they could to save their beautiful and luxurious ship. But apparently the technical flaws were more serious than they could ever tackle. So, the ship's cargo which was oil was drained and it remained just where it is today.

The image of the Greek ship on the water at sunset and of course at night is very beautiful and spectacular. Especially if you are into photography, do not miss this scene.

Kariz Underground City, A Flow of Life beneath the Ground

One of the most attractive tourist attractions of Kish is the underground city of Kariz. This city is actually a very large aqueduct with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, hence it is called a city. The depth of the underground city of Kariz is about 16 meters. That means you have to go 16 meters below the ground to reach it. The height of the Kariz itself is about 8 meters. All the walls and ceiling are covered with all kinds of beautiful shells.

Harireh Ancient City

The ancient city of Harireh is a document of civilization and antiquity of Kish sights. Although Kish has been modernized in recent years, its origins go back many years. Remains of ruined houses in Harireh show that people in this area had a tumultuous time years ago. Porridge consists of three main parts. These sections include the aristocratic house, the workshop section, and the bathroom.

Kish Birds Park, a House of Exotic Birds

After the historical places, it is time to go to other attractions of Kish. Bird Garden is one of the most interesting places in Kish. There are more than 50 species in Kish Bird Garden. Different species of peacocks, pelicans and parrots can be seen in this. In addition, some native bird species can be seen in this garden. But that's not all.

If you take a short walk away from the bird garden, you’ll reach the saltwater aquarium. Different types of marine mammals such as sea lions can be seen in this aquarium.

Kish Dolphin Park, Fun and Amazement in One Place

If your trip to Kish is with children, include a visit to the Dolphin Park. Dolphin Park or Dolphinarium is one of the most famous sights of Kish Island. The Dolphinarium is located in the southeast of the island in the Bird Garden area. As mentioned before, in the saline aquarium of this area, besides dolphins, a number of other species of marine mammals are kept.

But the main reason for the fame of Dolphin Park is the interesting and funny movements and shows of these intelligent animals. Dolphins playing with balls, hoops and painting is exciting for children and of course adults.

Hendorabi Island, the Island of an Island

When traveling to Kish, do not limit yourself to fun and excursions inside the island. One of the suggestions for walking around Kish is Hendorabi Island. The area of ​​ Hendorabi is 23 square kilometers and its height above sea level is 29 meters. With the constructions that have been done in Kish, the nature of Kish has undergone many changes. But you will enjoy its pristine and beautiful nature by going to Hendorabi. In addition to the pristine nature, the traditional texture of Hendorabi is also preserved. Most of the natives of the island make a living from fishing.

The island was occupied by the Portuguese in the 15th century. Remains of old cannons are a relic of that time. To get to Hendorabi Island, you can use the charter boats that are available at the Kish fishing bay.

So, Any More Reasons to Visit Kish?

Which of Kish's recreational areas you choose is up to you. And whether entertainment is expensive or cheap does not in any way determine the value of that entertainment. What matters is your choice and taste and what makes you happy. In fact, a lot of money does not guarantee you a good time. Even with a little searching, you can find times for a cheap trip to Kish. So, do not look for famous places, but pursue your interest.

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