By Reza Moshfegh

Iran embarrasses the American arrogance: Lebanese academic

April 13, 2021 - 15:19

TEHRAN - A Lebanese political researcher believes that Iran embarrassed the U.S. through avoiding direct talk with American representatives in Vienna.

Pointing to the nuclear deal talks as a process that will show Iran as a “balanced, strong and impregnable country,” Tariq Aboud tells the Tehran Times that Iran “embarrassed the American arrogance and rejected direct talks with American representatives as a penalty for its withdrawal from the nuclear deal.”

“The future of Iran and its allies in the region is promising as a considerable power and a reliable and respected axis,” the Lebanese researcher argues.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: How do you see the recent the nuclear deal talks between Iran and the remaining parties to the agreement?

A: Today's negotiations between Iran and the Western parties are to take stock the way towards how to push America to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

This is an attempt by the Europeans to save the face of the U.S. which insists in negations or specific arrangements before immediate return to the deal.

Q: What are the lessons that can be taken from the performance and behavior of successive U.S. administrations in light of Washington’s exit from the nuclear agreement?

A: The most important lessons were to teach the oppressed nations that if they decide to confront arrogance, they can do that; what the arrogant states decided is not a written destiny.

The other lesson is that our countries and peoples must work diligently and permanently to reinforce their power and deterrence so that they are able to confront the tyrannical powers.

Third, we must not trust the Americans and not rely on the promises and guarantees of the Europeans because they have proven that they are in a position of weakness and subservience to the Americans. They cannot do anything if the Americans decide to act against their desires.

Q: Do you think Iran, through the conclusion of the comprehensive partnership with China and Russia, will enhance its regional clout?

A: Iran has strengthened its regional position by establishing new balances and through its free decision and its political, scientific and economic independence. This is what made the Chinese and the Russians respect Tehran and seek economic and political partnerships with Iranians.

 This partnership (with China) has various advantages for both sides, not just for Iran.

Q: How do you assess Biden's policies towards West Asia and Palestine?

A: We should take into consideration the new U.S. strategic blueprint within Democrats’ policy over the last decade, which its priority is to confront China as a strong competitor to the American empire.

Add to this the historical hostility in the minds of the American industrial complex and American institutions to Russia as the first enemy even before China.

So, U.S. interests in West Asia will not be as important as it was in previous administrations, because this region also has showed that it is not up for grabs for the Americans.

This region brought them successive losses, and contributed significantly to the major economic crisis in 2008 while West Asian people never give up to American arrogance nor to the existence of the Zionist regime; so, we have seen a great reluctance of the Americans to this region.

Q: What will be repercussions of possible revitalization of the nuclear deal on regional balances?

A: The nuclear deal negotiations will show Iran as a balanced, strong and impregnable country, which embarrassed the American arrogance and rejected direct talk with American representatives as a penalty for its withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

Iran could reveal the reality of the United States for international public opinion and give it a harsh lesson in politics, in addition to sending a very important message to the countries of the region and to free people in the world that we can confront America and make it kneel politically.

This entire spectacle indicates that the future of Iran and its allies in the region is promising as a considerable power and a reliable and respected axis.

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