By Sonja van den Ende  

Quds Day: To remember the injustice and criminal deeds of the Zionists

May 9, 2021 - 18:4

The current situation in West Asia is deteriorating; even there is a new administration in the U.S., which many thought would be promising for the peace process between Israel and Palestine and the stability for peace in Syria, and Iraq.

The renewal of the JCPOA agreement with Iran, or at least a new initiative, has been proven disillusioned. The situation in Syria is still precarious, the U.S. is still looting oil and there is no withdrawal of U.S. forces. Also, Iraq is still facing violence and suppression of the U.S. and its allies NATO. The U.S. is still occupying Iraq, since the illegal war and occupation in 2003. The situation with Israel and Iran is escalating, Israel is killing Iranian scientists and destroying Iranian tankers, loaded with oil for Syria, so people in Syria don’t starve and have oil, their oil is stolen, every day, the U.S. and NATO stealing oil and sending it to the U.S. and Europe to sell it illegally to EU and U.S. citizens as gasoline for their cars.

Under the Trump-administration a so-called peace plan was developed, Israel signed peace treaties with Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and even with Morocco. It doesn’t mean that the people of above-mentioned countries agree, it is just an agreement with the governments. Furthermore, it must be mentioned that the countries who signed a so-called peace treaty have predominantly Sunni-leaders and its population is diverse, for instance in Bahrain, the leaders are Sunni. However, the majority of the Bahraini population is Shiites, and the rulers of Bahrain are connected to the rulers of the KSA. 

The U.S. and EU have chosen to let Israel make peace treaties with Sunni religion leaders, these are the countries who have the most oil, therefore they, according to human rights, are discriminating Shiites, throughout the Arab world. For Westerns, who have no idea of the Arab world, it looks like Israel is a “democratic country” seeking peace with its neighbor’s; a distraction from reality, the Zionist strategy, as we can call it, who continuously suppressing Palestinians, stealing their land, violating the so-called Oslo-agreements are violating human rights, detaining children and depriving the Palestinian people from right of free existence, as laid down in the UN‘s Universal declaration of Human Rights.

As long as the Western world, meaning the U.S. and EU are discriminating Arab people on religion, there is no peace, as long as the Western world its aim is only to steal oil and keep up its imperialistic policy, there will be no peace and prosperity for Arab people and as long as the Western world keep supporting the corrupt elites in these countries, there will be no peace.

There will be no normalization if the Western countries keep occupying Arab countries and most of all, if they don‘t recognize that Israel is ruled by Zionists, who have nothing to do with religion as such, the Zionist dream is and will be a “Greater Israel”, no matter how many Arab lives it has to sacrifice. When there is no real effort made for peace and as long as Western ‚‘puppets-regimes’, like the KSA and Bahrain stay in power there will be no normalization.

The United Nations (UN) is dominated by certain countries and therefore, the organization of the UN must certainly be adjusted after 75 years. The most important issue is that the charter must be fully respected and implemented especially under the COVID-19 pandemic where we see discrimination and violation of the boycott by Israel of sending vaccines to Palestine. The UN has, like most International Organizations, for instance the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW who expelled Syria) a tool for Western governments only, also the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a good example of Western influence. These institutions don‘t acknowledge a multipolar world. They continue their hybrid war on the costs of many, mainly, Arab lives.

The (U.S.) Biden-administration policy towards Israel, will not see dramatic changes, Biden is pursuing the agenda of the Obama-administration, not even that, the policy of the Biden-administration is, I dare to say, the continuation of the war in Syria and Iraq, the unconditionally support towards Israel. Biden and his administration are under the influence of AIPAC and actually they have no real power in the U.S.

The real power in the U.S. (and Europe) are the deep-state, existing from many lobby groups.

As for the propaganda from the West, this is all part of the hybrid war, the U.S. and its partner NATO are waging this war on the countries who embrace the ‘new Silk Road’, Russia and China, also, they are spreading false information about the so-called Axis of Resistance. Blaming mainly Iran (Hezbollah and Syria‘s Assad) for wanting to expand its territories, using religion as a tool in this information war. Actually, it’s an answer to the hostilities of the Axis of Evil, introduced by the Bush jr. - administration, to destroy countries who didn’t comply with the war of terror, after the 9/11 attacks on the WTC buildings. The West is known for using religion as a tool of war, they started this ‚‘game’ in 1999, during the Yugoslavia war, there they started their practice of favoring Sunni Muslims above (in Yugoslavia) Orthodox-Christians. It seems like it has become the standard in their information war and psychological warfare.

The Palestinians are suffering deeply, since 1948 under the yoke of illegal occupation, driven out of their land the majority became refugees. The Arabs and most of all Palestinians have to bleed for the‚ “mistakes and atrocities” done by the West. It has nothing do to with religion but only occupation, stealing land and resources. The Zionists and Western countries use religion as a tool of war, to divide and conquer. To remember Quds Day is to remember the exodus of the Palestinians and the land that was stolen from them, the injustice and criminal deeds of the Zionists.

Sonja van den Ende is an independent journalist from the Netherlands. Her expertise includes international affairs by special focus on Syria, West Asia and Russia. She is the former International Secretary at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA - Vienna).

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