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Domus Eyes on Iran, Episode VI

May 10, 2021 - 12:35

I was invited to the Embassy of Italy by Mr. Ambassador Perrone, to watch one of the episodes of “Dumos Eyes on Iran” series, about Tehran’s contemporary art museum.

As an Iranian architect who has tried to make documentaries about Iran’s architecture and contemporary art, it is a great feeling to see a European ambassador speaking in Farsi and building bridges enthusiastically between two ancient civilizations.

They also have another project “from Tehran to Rome”, including 7 episodes about 7 artists from both countries who have left a distinct mark on contemporary art.

Domus Eyes on Iran, Episode VI

I just want to wish him luck in producing these series.

We could expect this attitude from an ambassador of a country which is known for its artistic history.

Since it has been years that Iran’s political issues in the world has become part of our daily lives, all these lasting and influential activities of Mr. ambassador will always remain in our minds.

By Siavash Sufinejad

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