MAPNA group producing over 200 high-tech industrial products

May 17, 2021 - 11:32

TEHRAN – Managing Director of Iran’s MAPNA group has said his company is currently producing over 200 types of high-tech industrial products, IRNA reported.

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to Wagon Pars Company in Arak city, known as industrial capital of Iran, Abbas Ali-Abadi said: “MAPNA Company strives to establish a constructive interaction with its subsidiaries, and in this due, tries to establish connections not only in terms of structure but also in terms of culture, work ethics, and capacities.”

MAPNA Group is a group of Iranian companies involved in the development and execution of thermal and renewable power plants, oil and gas, railway transportation, and other industrial projects as well as manufacturing main equipment including gas and steam turbines, electrical generator.

The company is currently collaborating with several domestic manufacturers for producing high-tech machinery and equipment needed in various sectors.

One of the companies that MAPNA is working with is Wagon Pars which is currently manufacturing 1,000 wagons for MAPNA. MAPNA took over Wagon Pars in December 2020.

Wagon Pars has a plan for manufacturing 2.500 wagons over the next five years under the supervision of the parent company MAPNA.

The group has also prepared a package to be used in the production line of electric cars or to turn regular cars into electric ones.

MAPNA has also inked a deal for manufacturing MGT-75 gas turbines with Iran’s Thermal Power Plant Holding (TPPH).

“Iran now has the knowledge and technology to design and manufacture a variety of new gas turbines on a global scale,” Ali-Abadi had said in the signing ceremony of the mentioned deal back in March.

Iran used to import such pieces of equipment from foreign sources such as Germany’s Siemens. And now enjoying such technology, the country is among the world’s top manufacturers of power plants with high efficiency.


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