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Rent a Car and Explore Iran | 2021 Summer with Rentkonim

May 25, 2021 - 14:23

Car rental in Iran with Rentkonim is available now for your summer holidays. If you are planning for your summer as the pandemic restrictions are fading away, it’s a great time to choose a more unknown destination and put Iran on the top of your list. That what most of the travel enthusiast are doing right now.

You can have a cheap and also unforgettable trip to Iran and experience amazing moments in historical cities and pure nature and eye-catching landscapes. So, pack your luggage and follow us to tell you how to have a memorable trip in Iran cities.

Rent a car with Rentkonim

Rentkonim is one of the biggest and most trustworthy car rental companies in Iran with the new and clean economical and luxury cars is ready to offer you the best services for your trip among the cities of Iran. we can receive car rental in Isfahan, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas and many other cities with us. Actually, Rentkonim provide an easy condition for you that you can pick up and drop off your rental car at most of the cities in Iran with 24/7 customer services.

How to travel in Iran with car rental service?

For traveling in Iran with car rental services, you have many options. You can rent a car in Tehran and start your trip between the different cities of Iran. or you can rent a car in a city like car rental in Shiraz and explore that city. you may be a little confused at the beginning, especially if its your first time that you want to travel to Iran. so we our team is here to tell you which way is the best one for you. Don’t miss it.

Rent a car at Tehran and explore the other cities on your own

Usually most of the tourists who travel to Iran will arrive at Tehran, the capital of Iran at the first destination. Well, here you have an option. you can rent a car in Tehran and start your journey among the different roads and cities of Iran. you can drive on your own and go through your itinerary. If you don’t have a special plan and need some suggestion or help with your travel plan, our experts can help you.

Also, if you don’t want to drive on your own for many reasons, like not being familiar with the roads, Rentkonim offers you car rental with driver services. So, you can rent a car with a skilled driver guide that is familiar with the maps and roads and also can take you to the most beautiful and popular cities, villages and attractions around Iran. so, you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind while our driver guide is with you.

If you are traveling with your friends and family, and a car isn’t enough for you, we provide van rental services for this situation too. You can hire a van with Rentkonim and travel in Iran altogether and make the best memories with your loved ones.

Use daily car rental in a special city

If you are planning to visit a specific city in Iran or prefer to travel between the cities with other transportation ways like airplane and train, you can also use car rental services in the specific city that you want to visit. You can rent a car daily and visit the attractions of the city you want and save your time and money. In this case, you can use all the main services that we offer for you in most of the cities of Iran like car rental without a driver, car rental with a driver and van rental.

Now that everything is ready for you, all you have to do is book your flight ticket and pack your clothes and fly to Iran to have an unforgettable holidays in Irna, the jewel of middle east. Rentkonim is here with you to make everything easy for you in your trip. So don’t forget to visit our website and reserve your desired car as soon as possible. You can count on us for the high-quality services with the best price.

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