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    Terms and conditions of car rental in Iran

    As the hike in car prices continues to shock everyone, renting cars are thriving in the market as one of the most remunerative businesses; moreover, it is widely predicted that as transportation continues to evolve, the most widely used means of transport would be renting cars. However, terms and conditions of car rental in Iran have a set of specific requirements, mandated by the car rental companies in accordance with their article of association. 

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    ​​​​​​​ Road Trip Safety Tips

    Things that you should do

    If you are traveling by car and you prefer it to train and plane, it is better to know some important points about this and find the best way.

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    ​​​​​​​Car rental in Istanbul; best way for traveling in Istanbul

    Car rental in Istanbul is the best way for exploring this city. If you would like to experience a different trip to Istanbul, we recommend you to join us in this article. When you travel to Istanbul, you should enjoy your trip as much as you can because this city is full of attractions and wonders for everyone.

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    Rent a Car and Explore Iran | 2021 Summer with Rentkonim

    Car rental in Iran with Rentkonim is available now for your summer holidays. If you are planning for your summer as the pandemic restrictions are fading away, it’s a great time to choose a more unknown destination and put Iran on the top of your list. That what most of the travel enthusiast are doing right now.

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    Car rental in Iran; travel with Rentkonim

    Car rental in Iran is one of the main services that you will need when you want to travel to Iran. Rentkonim, as one of the biggest companies in the car rental industry, is going to talk about how car rental services are one of the essential services while you want to travel in Iran.

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    Why car rental in Dubai is the best option for traveling in this city?

    Car rental in Dubai is one of the main necessities for tourists. time is gold and to avoid wasting time in taxis, buses and subways, you can visit all the tourist attractions of Dubai by renting a car in Dubai. Just a quick glance at the highways and roads of Dubai will tempt you to drive at full speed on these roads. Dubai is one of the top cities in the world in terms of driving infrastructure.