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​​​​​​​ Road Trip Safety Tips

February 15, 2022 - 14:41
Things that you should do

If you are traveling by car and you prefer it to train and plane, it is better to know some important points about this and find the best way.

Traveling by car can be the most attractive option for long and short distances. Being able to travel from any route and rest on the side of the road whenever you want can be an attractive option for everyone. But traveling by car and other ways of traveling require consideration of points that only lead to your health and comfort. If you don't have a car, you can use a car rental in Iran and after that start your travel.

Pre-trip actions for the car

It is very important to check the car before traveling. Many of us travel by car at least once a year. One of the things that should always be considered before traveling by car is the health of the car.

This means that sensitive parts of the car should always be checked, especially before traveling, so as not to face problems that can be very expensive. We should prepare a car checklist before the trip and check the important parts of the car. We have some car rental companies where you can rent a self-drive rental car in Iran. You don't need to check anything before you travel for this job. Because the company checked them before for you.

Before planning your trip, first, check your car insurance. It's so important for the car to have complete insurance. So, check them before your travel. Check the health of the car battery before traveling too. We have other parts that you should check before traveling.

· Check car tires before traveling

· Check the brake condition

· Check the cooling system

· Check car engine oil before traveling

· Check the gearbox oil

· Check the car air filter before traveling

· Cabin filter replacement

· Wiper repair and saline glass check

· Check car headlights before traveling

Car inspection before travel

If you want to have a safe and secure trip, go to a good and safe repair shop before going to the heart of the mountains and desert and check the car before the trip. Checking the car by a reliable repairman will ensure that the car does not shut down on the way.

Having emergency equipment in the car

You should have a bag in your car before starting your travel. in this bag, you should have some necessary things in it.

· Physical map

· Mobile charger

· First aid box

· Battery equipment

· Travel blankets and pillows

· Defrosting equipment

​​​​​​​ Road Trip Safety Tips

Car wash, before traveling

The only positive thing about washing the car is that it does not clean and shine, but when you do, you will see well than all the car windows and mirrors. When you wash your car, you can check all the windows and cars around you.

Do not forget the identification documents

Certificate and car insurance are documents that should not be forgotten when traveling. It's so important to have your certificate with you around the trip.

Check roads and weather conditions

One of the most important steps before traveling by car is to check the condition of the roads and weather conditions. Being aware of the weather conditions and open roads will help you put the necessary equipment for the trip in the car or cancel your trip if the situation is bad.

You can get help from the road information system to get information and be informed about the condition of the roads. So, before starting your trip, check all the roads and after that start your travel.

​​​​​​​ Road Trip Safety Tips

Child safety

Thoroughly check the safety of the car seats before placing the child in the car. If you have a child seat, be sure to check it before your child gets on it.

Rest well

Before traveling by car or rented car, be sure to have enough rest. Sleep for a full 7 hours two days before the trip, and if you need to rest while driving, be sure to stop and rest.

Plan before the trip

Be sure to plan before you start your trip. Check all the destination and route tips to avoid problems.

​​​​​​​ Road Trip Safety Tips

In the end, before traveling to someplace, you should check all the parts that we talking about. After that, you can start your trip without any problem and make new memories.

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