E-commerce contribution to Iran’s GDP rises nearly 2.5 times

June 2, 2021 - 14:49

TEHRAN - The share of e-commerce in Iran’s gross domestic product (GDP) has increased by 2.4 times, Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Farhad Dejpasand announced.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony of two e-commerce projects on Tuesday, Dejpasand underlined the significance of e-commerce in the country’s economy and said: “In recent years, the realization of tax income targets has grown well, a third of which is due to the use of new technologies.”

"Blockchains will account for 10 percent of the world's gross domestic product in the next four years," he said, adding: “As electricity consumption has increased we limited the mining of cryptocurrencies, while in the long run, we cannot stand in the way of technology development.”

According to the official, using new technologies has helped the country withstand the U.S. economic sanctions to a great extent.

Pointing to the use of new technologies in the capital market, Dejpasand said: “Regarding the capital market, we have the capacity to become the top country in the region in terms of smartening indicators.”

The minister further mentioned the great contribution of the e-commerce and new technologies in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, saying: “Knowledge-based companies and startups have helped us a great deal to manage this disease so that other countries request to use our experiences.”

Back in February, the head of the E-Commerce Development Centre of Iran had announced that the value of Iran’s e-commerce transactions during the first six months of the previous Iranian calendar year (March 20-September 21, 2020) increased by four times compared to the same period in the preceding year.

The number of new licenses issued for online businesses also tripled in the mentioned six months compared to the same period in the preceding year, Ali Rahbari said.

According to Rahbari, this statistic shows that many have changed their shopping methods and chosen online shopping, and also traditional and offline businesses have tried to have online sales, while online businesses have tried to strengthen the capacity of their various departments.


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