U.S. to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome after Gaza war

June 21, 2021 - 11:42

The U.S. Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, has confirmed that the Pentagon will restock Israel’s so-called Iron Dome system. The announcement comes two weeks after Israel made the costly replenishment request reportedly to the tune of one billion dollars.

Speaking to the Senate, Austin says Washington is planning a budget request for Congress to pay for a new round of iron dome systems. The request is reportedly expected to be broadly supported by both parties in Congress.

The U.S.’ military supplies to Israel with no conditions attached have been sharply criticized among International organizations and rights groups. Washington also sends Tel Aviv $3.8 billion dollars in annual military aid using American tax payers’ money.

In May, Israel used up almost all the Iron Dome systems’ missiles during its war on the Besieged Gaza Strip. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, the 11 day onslaught killed 260 Palestinians.

Among them were 66 children and 39 women in addition to 1948 Palestinians injured. In response, the Palestinian resistance fired an unprecedented 4,300 missiles at Israeli settlements. The barrage of rockets took Tel Aviv by surprise and there was much debate afterwards about the interception rate of the Iron Dome.

Footage showing the extensive level of damage caused by Palestinian rockets led many experts to question if Israel’s Iron Dome’s alleged success rate of interception had been overstated. Either way, Washington has been willing to pay for the program. Israel is reportedly eager to receive the replenishment soon as tensions with the Palestinians rise again. Some Israeli officials have talked of more fighting to come as the regime’s forces continue to storm the al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds. 

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