Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in flashpoint Jerusalem al-Quds neighborhood

June 22, 2021 - 17:52

TEHRAN-- Israeli settlers backed by the regime’s forces have attacked Palestinian residents protesting in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds Neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinians had gathered to rally against Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign of their neighborhood in the holy city. However, they were met by tear gas and stun grenades, the attacks left at least 20 Palestinians injured, while at least two others have been arrested.

The Israeli occupation has been trying, for an extensive period now, to force the indigenous people out of their land. On Saturday evening, the regime used similar force against another protest in the neighborhood. These are the latest in a series of demonstrations by Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to remain in the homes they have lived in for decades. It has been reported that the latest flare up of tensions came after Israeli regime forces tried to storm the al-Kurd family home in the same neighborhood. The family’s two siblings Mohammed and Muna al-Kurd have already been arrested once. The teenage activists are behind a social media campaign raising awareness about Israeli efforts to forcibly remove the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Last month, The Palestinian resistance in the besieged Gaza Strip declared it will not leave the residents of Sheikh Jarrah alone. In May, tensions in the area coincided with Israeli troops storming the al-Aqua mosque compound and the Mosque itself in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds. Staying true to their word, the resistance retaliated with a barrage of missiles towards Israeli settlements in retaliation.

Israel responded by pounding Gaza in an 11 day war that many experts say the Palestinians resistance won and changed the equations on the ground. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a Palestinian intelligence officer was killed after being attacked by Israeli settlers in the Northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus. Israeli settler attacks have increased  since new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took office earlier this month.

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