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Michael Bievetski’s Advice on Giving Shape to Your Dreams

June 24, 2021 - 8:31

Dreams are the building blocks of reality. Some may contend with this statement, but if you think about it, the dreams that you see with your eyes open often help you find your footing in life. Michael Bievetski, a successful serial entrepreneur and a Forbes Council member, believes that the power of a dream is all one needs to find true success and satisfaction. Here, he elaborates what he means by this.

Dreaming of the day you’ll achieve your goal is only half the job done. For Michael Bievetski, the other half involves thinking up ways in which you’d get there. He says, “When you picture yourself achieve your aim, you are using the faculty of imagination. You probably see a proud smile on your parents’ faces or a look of respect on the face of your peers. And when you think of ways to make your dream come true, you are, in fact, still in the realm of imagination, except now you are giving it a foundation with ideas, strategies, and plans based on which it will be achieved. Put the two together, and nothing can keep you from achieving your goal.”

Dreams can be motivated when we see our peers and competitors find their goals and bask in their achievements. It pushes us towards the realization of our own dreams, and for Michael Bievetski, that is “a great way to keep your dream fueled. Just make sure you don’t let bitterness or other petty emotions come in the way. Those who work hard never forget what it’s really like, and therefore, never look down upon or envy the success of those who have earned it with dedication and honesty. When you develop an attitude of learning and appreciation, it’s bound to find its way to you as you progress.”

As Michael Bievetski believes, dreaming the right way indeed helps dreams come true.

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