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Kinan Salameh on Why Bringing Smiles to People’s Faces Is His Number One Priority in Business

June 24, 2021 - 8:52

Although money is some people’s primary drive in business, for others, it's making a positive change in their clients’ lives that is the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship.

Take Kinan Salameh as a prime example. For Kinan, positively impacting lives is the most significant aspect of his career, and it is what makes his profession feel like a passion and not a job.

Kinan Salameh is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur in real estate, online marketing, and consulting. Owning six businesses and running the strategy in all of them, Kinan suggests that he works 24 hours of the day, but it never feels like work to him.

Kinan Salameh has been his own boss since 17 years of age. So far, his biggest achievement has been growing his real estate business to over 400 employees in just one year. Since then, Kinan has become a millionaire. But it's not the money that pushes him; it's the way he gets to impact people’s lives positively.

Through his real estate and consulting businesses, Kinan Salameh gets to help his clients achieve what they have set out for. Whether it's to help them find their dream home or set up their own business, Kinan gets to help those with a dream in his everyday career. That, for him, is what gets him up every day and motivates him to work consistently with a smile on his face.

Kinan Salameh hopes to keep impacting people’s lives positively in the future too. Whether it be helping them grow their brand or their real estate portfolio, Kinan will never give up on this most important aspect of his career. Although the deals are getting bigger and his profits are growing, making people happy will always be his number one priority.

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