Syria condemns Biden’s position over Trump’s Israel Golan recognition

June 28, 2021 - 19:16

Syria has strongly condemned statements by Washington and Tel Aviv affirming U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry says the statements prove that U.S. measures against Syria are based on the interests of the Israeli regime.

The ministry noted Syria’s sovereign right to the Golan through UN resolutions. Earlier, Washington rejected reports, circulating over the last few days, that it is planning to rescind then President Donald Trump’s move of U.S. recognition towards Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights.

Israel also dismissed the reports saying they are aimed at undermining its ties with the current U.S. administration. In March 2019, Trump signed an executive order officially recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan, which widely believed to have been an attempt at the time to boost then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s popularity ahead of elections. Israel seized and annexed the region in 1981, a move that is not recognized internationally.

The United Nations says its position on the Golan occupation has not changed. Syria says it will soon liberate the territory by any means possible.

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