U.S. records at least 150 people killed in 450 shooting incidents during fourth July bloodbath 

July 6, 2021 - 21:55

The data (from Friday to Sunday) documented by the research group, the Gun Violence Archive, is still being collected, and the numbers are likely to rise but highlight the devastating nature of American gun violence.

The shootings, which came amid warnings by the Department of Homeland Security about a rise in gun violence during the July fourth weekend, occurred nationwide. The DHS had cited dangers posed by white supremacists as lockdown restrictions ease and more gathering occur. In Chicago, at least 83 people have been shot, among them, 14 have been killed. In New York, 21 different shooting incidents killed at least 26 people. In Dallas, five people have been shot dead and more than 20 others wounded.

The Gun Violence Archive also reported at least 18 mass shootings, these are classified as a shooting incident where at least four people are shot (not counting the shooter). Other cities that saw heavy gun violence included Pennsylvania, Lancaster, and all the way to Fort Worth in Texas. 2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades, with many attributing that to former President Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric.

However, the relentless pace of shootings so far in 2021 is expected to break last year’s record, as America remains polarized as ever.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, 8,100 people have been shot dead in the first five months of this year alone. That’s an average of about 54 lives lost every day. Records show that gun ownership has risen to record levels. The issue has been a fierce topic of debate in America for decades. Multiple attempts to tackle the ‘epidemic’ have failed at the congress.

As things stand, it’s going to get a lot worse before the country sees any improvement.

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