Iranian artists honored at Minimalist Photography Awards

July 27, 2021 - 18:40

TEHRAN – Iranian photographers have won honorable mentions at the Minimalist Photography Awards 2021.

Winners in the 12 categories of the competition, which is organized every year by the black & white Minimalism magazine, while the Australian photographer, Allen Koppe, was selected as the photographer of the year. 

In the Abstract category Mohammadreza Masumi’s “Natural Expressionism” received an honorable mention. He also won another one in the Arial section for “Cold Road”.

In the Architecture category Vahid Qasemi-Zarnusheh’s “The Historical City of Yazd” was awarded an honorable mention.

In the Conceptual Category Amir-Hossein Yusefi Keysari for “Leave”, Sara Goli for “Waiting for Hope”, Ali Zolqadri for “The Line of Hope” and Hamidreza Helali for “Separate” were the Iranian winners of honorable mentions.

The Fine-Art Category honorable mentions were Fatemeh Pezeshki-Moqaddam for “Eternity and a Day”, Shervin Khanmohammadi for “The Drapery Falls”, Ali Tehrani for “Tranquility” and Mohammadreza Masumi for “Whiteboard”.

Mohammadreza Masumi’s “Saltland” and Mani Gholamshahzadeh’s “Branches and Water” won the Landscape category honorable mentions.

In the Long Exposure category, Amirali Meigani’s “Sea” won an honorable mention, while Elyas Haqiqat’s “Walk under Moonlight” received the Night category honorable mention.

In the Open category, the honorable mentions went to Setareh Sanjari’s “The Pass” and Hesameddin Baqeri’s “Alone”.

Mohtaram Sadrozzakerin’s “The Vase” and Asef Azimai’s “Lost” won honorable mentions in the Photomanipulation category.

An honorable mention in the Portrait section went to Javad Rezai Salanquch’s “Mud Woman”, while Mohammadreza Masumi’s “Red” won an honorable mention in the Street category.

Nick Moore, Aula Tognarelli, Peter Ibsen, Craig Whitehead and Milad Safabakhsh were the members of the jury.

“The quality of the competition lies in the diverse range of images submitted,” Moore said. 

“Contained within the Minimalist Photography Awards are a set of artists who refuse to be overwhelmed by the ‘visual noise’ that surrounds them and instead find those moments of poetry, order and the sublime which gives this competition its strength” he added.

Photo: “Walk under Moonlight” by Elyas Haqiqat won an honorable mention in the Night category of the Minimalist Photography Awards 2021.


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