Nation mourns loss of ‘self-sacrificing’ student

September 25, 2021 - 16:57

TEHRAN – Iranians are plunged into deep sorrow over the loss of a self-sacrificing 15-year-old boy from southwestern Khuzestan province, who rushed into a burning building to save the lives of his neighbors.

On September 9, a gas cylinder had ignited, and Ali Landi realized that two neighboring women are trapped in the burning house, he rushed to take it away from the mother and daughter, but suddenly the raging flames burnt his whole body.

After the incident, Ali was hospitalized in Taleqani Hospital of Ahvaz with severe third-degree burns, affecting 91 percent of his body, he was later transferred to Imam Musa Kazem Hospital in Isfahan.

However, he lost his life in the early hours of Friday morning after days of intensive care in the hospital.

Paying tributes to the young devoted boy, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution conveyed condolences and sympathy to the bereaved family of Ali.

President Ebrahim Raisi hailed him as a “national hero” and said his “story of selflessness” must be narrated through generations.

Many national officials had also lined up to laud his courageous actions while extending sympathies to the bereaved family.

History repeated itself once again in Iran, as many national heroes have sacrificed their lives to save others and the story of their selfless devotion is being narrated from one generation to another.

Much like, villager Riz Ali Khajavi who saved the lives of passengers of a train in the Iranian calendar year 1341 (March 1962-March 1963) when a landslide brought down rocks from overlooking mountains on a railroad.

Our dedicated environmental enthusiast, Alborz Zare’ei, a 38-year-old mountain climber, who was helping extinguish a wildfire in the southwestern part of the country, lost his life after 18 days of suffering from a burn wound infection in June 2020.


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