Gharibabadi bids farewell to Ulyanov

October 12, 2021 - 20:56

TEHRAN — Mikhail Ulyanov, the Russian representative in the international organizations based in Vienna, has announced the farewell meeting with his Iranian counterpart Kazem Gharibabadi by publishing photos.

"Today we had a farewell meeting with Kazem Gharibabadi, the permanent representative of Iran. For more than three years, we worked closely together in Vienna on a wide range of issues, with emphasis on issues related to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the JCPOA," Mikhail Ulyanov tweeted on Monday.

"I attach great value to this cooperation, Kazem," Ulyanov concluded. 

Earlier, Ambassador Gharibabadi had tweeted: "My mission in Vienna will end on October 25 to take on a new position in Tehran."

He added: "Our policy is based on active participation in international organizations, including with the aim of securing Iran's national interests."

Gharibabadi is to be appointed as deputy chief of Judiciary for international affairs and secretary of the High Council of Human Rights.

Gharibabadi had been serving as Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA since 2018. He had previously served in various positions, including deputy chief of the High Council of Human Rights for International Affairs at the Judiciary and ambassador of Iran to the Netherlands and Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

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