Amphibious operations to be conducted in Zulfiqar-1400 drills

November 8, 2021 - 12:8

TEHRAN — A spokesman for the Zulfiqar-1400 Drills of the Iranian Army says the amphibious operations are one of the most complex military operations at sea and coast, which will be carried out during the exercises.

Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi said in the first stage of the exercise the planning and implementation of the amphibious operations are on the agenda, noting the operations are carried out in two stages of offensive and defensive, Mehr reported on Sunday.

The exercises started on Sunday morning. Troops serving in the Army’s infantry, armored units, mechanized regiments, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense have taken part in the main stage of the exercise.

The offensive stage will be carried out to capture the coast of the enemy in which the operating forces, after penetrating the coast and passing through layers of defense, will pave the ground for the transfer of major equipment and strengthening the defensive positions, Mousavi said.

"In the next stage, we have the defense operations of our own coasts, which will be carried out using the four operating forces of the army," general explained.

The drills spokesman added: "Using the firepower of the Ground Forces' artillery, Army Aviation's helicopters, using manned and unmanned systems of Air Force to support forces operating on the coast and at sea, as well as surface and sub-surface units and marine and commando brigades along with electronic warfare systems and coast-to-sea missile system deployed across our coast will be actively involved in this exercise."

Mousavi emphasized that the implementation of amphibious operations is one of the most complex military operations at sea and coast, which requires the interaction and proximity of the operating forces. 

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