Uramanat mosques to be listed as national heritage 

November 12, 2021 - 20:30

TEHRAN – A selection of mosques located in the UNESCO-tagged Cultural Landscape of Uramanat in western Iran is planned to be registered on the national heritage list, the director of the World Heritage site has announced. 

The mosques of the Uramanat have significant characteristics influenced by climate, topography, materials, structure, and plan, Pouya Talebnia said on Friday. 

"Uramanat is known as the land of mysticism. Its residents have always been committed Muslims, and the number of mosques in all the villages in this region demonstrates the existence of this heartfelt belief," he noted. 

These mosques are regularly repaired and restored, the official added. 

Stretched on the slopes of Sarvabad county, and shared between the provinces of Kordestan and Kermanshah, the rural area of Uramanat embraces dense and step-like rows of houses in a way that the roof of each house forms the yard of the upper one, a feature that adds to its charm and attractiveness.

As the cultural landscape covers 300 villages and in terms of architecture and landscape, it is one of the most beautiful and presentable heritages in the world.

Uramanat, also called Uraman, is considered a cradle of Kurdish art and culture from the days of yore. Pirshalyar, which is named after a legendary local figure, is amongst time-honored celebrations and rituals that are practiced annually across the region.


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