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Zelkaa, Media and Social Media Listening Tool

December 4, 2021 - 15:9

Communication teams which mainly are referred to marketing, branding, and PR teams, have a critical need: An all-in-one tool for audience engagement, social media scheduling, trend tracking, and tens of other critical tasks and projects beside media and social media monitoring and analysis routines.

Zelkaa, Media and Social Media Listening Tool

Here Zelkaa offers an integrated tool for managing all these tasks in just one place in order to build a sophisticated communication and strategic road map.

Listen Intently to engage properly

Media listening is one of the important steps for building a proper brand image. It helps to know the audience deeply in order to engage with them in the manner of the brand’s tone of voice and identity. ‌Zelkaa provides 3 kinds of tools for various monitoring requirements: 

-  By Mentions tool, prioritizing mentions based on different indicators is possible, in order to discover influencers, trends, and most influential news networks.

- For real-time monitoring, the ‘Bars’ as a multitask tool can help respond to the audience’s mentions instantly while monitoring media and social media in real-time is in progress.

- Receive mention notifications instantly via email, SMS or a Telegram Channel using Alerts tool.

Social Listening

“In less than a year, from February 2020 to January 2021, the percentage of online sales to total retail sales nearly doubled, going from 19.1% to 36.3%” Forbes says; therefore, people's online presence is growing and they mention brands in social media more often and that’s why businesses should work on their audience communication strategies in social media.

Besides Twitter and
Instagram monitoring and analysis, it seems that Telegram analytics especially a Telegram channel analyzer are critical tools for communication teams which Zelkaa offers these tools all together which businesses are able to monitor mentions and complaints in real-time in order to not lose any conversations in social media.

A Strong Brand Image by Media Insights

Media insight can be useful in different strategic sectors of a business. Discovering audience persona, market research, predicting customer needs and other studies are now possible with media and social media analysis. 

Zelkaa, Media and Social Media Listening Tool

Zelkaa offers various solutions for marketing, branding and public relations media strategies:

- Trend tracker helps businesses discover campaign opportunities and be aware about society’s reaction to different media trends. 

- Competitor analysis can be done by comparing competitors’ share of voice, paid media ROI and owned media growth 

- Media audience analysis helps businesses in different strategic levels. It helps discover the black hole of the unknown. Understanding the audience is critical because it's the basis of the audience's communication and brand image building. 

- With a huge statistical population which thousands of them are gathering every day, businesses are able to implement their customer success and insight models (E.g., NPS model).

After a sophisticated and deep media monitoring and analysis communication teams can either interact with their audience and schedule social media posts in this all-in-one tool. Enjoy!

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