MP warns JCPOA parties of serious consequences if they fail to fulfill commitments

December 7, 2021 - 21:21

TEHRAN- A member of the parliamentary Internal and Councils Affairs Committee has stressed that the parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) should know that if the sanctions are not lifted in the new round of negotiations, the Parliament will pursue more serious ratifications that “will not be easily reversed”.

In an interview with ISNA on Monday, Mohammad Hassan A’sfari underlined the need to lift sanctions on Iran, saying, "Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken confidence-building steps in the nuclear deal, and it is the turn of Europeans and Americans to gain Iran's trust and take steps to lift sanctions."

"The Europeans and the Americans must live up to their commitments in the JCPOA, and we will not take any further steps until that happens," the MP said. 

The new round of negotiations to lift sanctions on Iran were resumed in Vienna on November 29 that lasted until December 3. The talks were suspended due to the June presidential elections in Iran.

A’sfari warned if at this stage of the negotiations, the Western parties to the JCPOA do not take action to lift the sanctions, the parliament will assess other options on the table. 

For example, he said, if the sanctions are not lifted, the parliament will take serious decisions to accelerate nuclear activities.

"There are several options on the table, but we are waiting to see what the other side will do to lift the sanctions.”

The MP said if the sanctions are not lifted the parliament “will certainly legislate tougher ratifications.”

Late last year the Iranian parliament approved a bill obliging the government to enrich uranium to 20 percent in response to the illegal sanctions.

A’sfari highlighted that it was not in the interest of the JCPOA parties to put more pressure on the Iranian people. 

He added Iran's negotiations with the Europeans and the Americans must lead to a “win-win” game in line with the interest of both sides. 

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