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How Old Should A Car Be for PCO?

December 8, 2021 - 17:17

​​​​​​​Have you decided to register for a ride-share service in London? Actually, it is an attractive occupation if you are an approved professional driver. Yet, that’s not enough. Your car should gain some qualifications as well, regarding its age, insurance, and standards.

What Is A PCO License?

PCO stands for Public Carriage Office. Getting the license means you are capable of driving for Uber or other ride-sharing services in London. A valid driving license, TOEFL English test, car PHV license, Mot certificate, insurance records are some documents you need to apply for a PCO license. It takes about 12 to 16 weeks to finish the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a PCO License?

Applying for the TfL (Transport for London), criminal records check, test for the English language, Medical checkup, and topographical test altogether would cost about 700£.

What Is the Difference Between PCO and HPV License?

Basically, there is no significant difference. However, PCO license refers to the driver qualifications, while HPV is used for the vehicle. But it happens that the terms are used instead of each other.

The Driver's Requirements

No need to say that you must have a driver’s license. Anyone with a valid UK driver’s license and three years of experience in driving can apply for a PCO (Public Carriage Office). It allows you to drive for ride-share services in London.

The next important thing is to pass the TEFL English language test. It is mandatory to have this test. Its score can affect the whole process of applying for a PCO license. Now, that you are ready as a driver, you should see if your car is qualified for the public service or not.

The Car Requirements

Whether you want to drive your car or a rental one, you must consider some points. The vehicle also needs to meet some requirements to be allowed to go on the road. It must be a registered Private Hired Vehicle (PHV). What are the procedures of this registration?

Cars Eligible for PHV license

The license certifies cars that meet certain standards. They must be either Euro 6 petrol or diesel engine or Euro 4 petrol-electric engine. Four doors must unlock independently. The car body must not have any damage. Also, it should not carry any kind of advertisement. Every six months, your car should pass the MoT test. It checks every detail, part, and function of the car. It examines the PCO licensed car from the body to the engine as well as its inner parts.

PHV-licensed Car Age

Since the beginning of 2012, there have been PCO car age requirements. This means that regarding the car you want to drive for ride-share services, there are some limitations about its age. Vehicles from January 2012 can not be more than 10 years. This means that many cars licensed before this date are now phased out.

But, for cars from April 2012, this period is reduced to 5 years. When buying or renting a car for joining the PHV service, you should consider this important factor. Be careful that if the car’s PHV licensee is still valid, how long is it going to continue, or whether you should take care of the process of renewing the license. For example, you are going to buy or rent a PHV licensed vehicle on the ’18 plate. So, it has only two years left out of its five years.

Why Should You Rent A PCO Car?

Why Should You Rent A PCO Car?

The initial answer is that you may not afford to buy a suitable car for a PHV license. So, renting a licensed car for this purpose is the best and possible way. Second, Keeping everything up to date for the PCO license means heavy constant paperwork. The whole thing takes a good portion of your time and energy. PCO car rental is equal to removing a burden off you. Behind the PCO rental cars is a committed team to provide you with all the official and legal requirements while you hit the road with peace of mind! Besides, it is an opportunity to ride your favorable car. It also helps you to figure out if you would like to have such a car of your own.

Are There Certain Car Brands for Ride-share Services?

Aside from the standards, we talked about above, some brands are more popular for both drivers and passengers. Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Toyota are all available with different weekly rental payments. Kia and Mercedes-Benz are among the most expensive at more than 250 £ per week. And Toyota Corolla pco car is the cheapest at about 150£.

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