Yemeni envoy says Irloo’s death is credible evidence of Saudi war against Yemenis

December 22, 2021 - 21:5

TEHRAN – Yemeni ambassador to Tehran Ibrahim Mohammad Mohammad al-Deilami has called the late Iranian ambassador to Sana’a Hassan Irloo a “real man” and a “divine Mujahid”, using an Arabic word for him for his utmost efforts in helping the war-stricken people of Yemen.

Ambassador Irloo was pronounced dead due to the complications resulting from the Covid-19 complications. He died two days after he flown out of Yemen aboard an Iraqi airplane to receive treatment at home for the deadly virus. Saudi Arabia deliberately delayed his exit from Sana’a.

The Yemen’s airspace is controlled by Saudi Arabia, which has been pounding Yemen with Western-supplied modern jet fighters since March 2015.

“The martyrdom of Irloo is the most credible document about the crimes of the Saudi regime being carried out in all these years against the innocent people of Yemen,” Ambassador al-Deilami said during the funeral procession held for Irloo at the Mahalati neighborhood in northeast Tehran.

Pointing to his amity wit Irloo, Ambassador al-Deilami added, “I never thought to participate in the funeral of this great martyr. Martyr Irloo was the best representative for the country of Iran in Yemen, and the people of Yemen will not forget his presence in Yemen and the sacrifices that he did.” 

While all ambassadors were “fleeing” Yemen, Al-Deilami, he remained in the country and was helping the Yemeni people “shoulder to shoulder” in all their hardship and difficulties.

Al-Deilami also sent condolences to the bereaved family of the martyr diplomat who patiently endured his absence at home.

Irloo, a war veteran, was injured by chemical bombs used by Saddam Hussein’s army against Iran in the 1980s. When he was returned home on Monday, he was not in good health condition.

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