Venezuela launches “truth commission” on European colonialism

January 28, 2022 - 22:32

The Venezuelan government has set up a “commission to clarify the historical truth, justice, and reparation regarding colonial rule and its consequences”.

President Nicolas Maduro, approving the 20 members investigation panel, says “it is a commission to delve into the truth of European colonialism, here, on this earth: its crimes, its genocide, the looting that took place, and to demand justice and reparation from Spain, Portugal and all of Europe for Latin America”. 

Maduro pointed out that the “historical commission” was an initiative planned back on October 12, the day on which, every year, the Latin American nation commemorates “indigenous resistance”. 

The date is also observed as Columbus Day in the United States and elsewhere. 

On the occasion last year, the Venezuelan President sent a letter to the King of Spain requesting the people of the Americas receive “forgiveness for the crimes and genocide committed and carry out a process of reparation”. 

The Venezuelan president points out that, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to carry out “historical research” and “a great educational effort.” 

The commission will be chaired by the Minister of Culture and made up of various politicians, historians, writers, researchers, anthropologists, philosophers, and Venezuelan cultural movement leaders. 

For centuries, the development of European countries came at the expense of the gold, silver, and other riches stolen from the Latin American nations that had been colonized by the West. 

In exchange, experts say native Latin Americans were enslaved and forced to work in excruciating conditions. Analysts say this enslavement and occupation continues in some parts of Latin America and the Caribbean by the West. 

Anti-colonization movement leaders say the commission is vital to give a voice to the indigenous people of Latin America and understand what their identity is, what the effects of colonization did to them and what has become of them today.

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