Mind reading in “Without the Father Name” 

February 7, 2022 - 18:10

In the book “Without the Father Name”, which has been published by Jamkaran publication, the author, Seyyed Meysam Mousaviyan, seems to have already discovered readers’ mind and their predictions of the story, so he tried to surprise them with a completely different storyline. Choosing such a subject with all the details of the historical events in the Pahlavi era would make the readers want to finish the whole book in a day.  

Without any introduction or explanation, the story begins right in the middle of the adventure with a vouge atmosphere, and raises many questions for the readers that keep them reading to find their answers.

The story goes on with monologues and dialogues, and what makes it more interesting is how every character’s tone is different. Each character has a tone based on his or her personality, so reading it, you can recognize each of them without even remembering the name of that character.

Characters’ stories

They are different characters in the story that continuously affect each other in various times and places, and that’s why the story seems so vivid and real. The main feature of this book is creativity and breaking some traditions, like the main character who has a negative role and how the author has written about him with even trying to reduce the darkness of this character’s personality. Another feature of this book is that the author has given a lot of information about the Pahlavi era.

Historical novel

In writing a historical novel, authors have always faced some limitations and questions, on the other hand, the readers also get confused to find the differences between novels and documentary novels because they want to find things they read in a historical novel in the real history, yet, writing a historical novel is still an art because authors have to find events with documents and bring it into a story.

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