• Without the Father Name 2022-02-07 18:10

    Mind reading in “Without the Father Name” 

    In the book “Without the Father Name”, which has been published by Jamkaran publication, the author, Seyyed Meysam Mousaviyan, seems to have already discovered readers’ mind and their predictions of the story, so he tried to surprise them with a completely different storyline. Choosing such a subject with all the details of the historical events in the Pahlavi era would make the readers want to finish the whole book in a day.  

  • Help yourself to some words and a cup of tea 2022-01-26 16:36

    Help yourself to some words and a cup of tea

    These days, the weather isn’t too cold to stay at home all day but, because of this new virus, Omicron, we are not really eager to leave the house either so what’s better than staying inside and reading the books you like? Therefore, we will suggest some books which would take you to the wonderland and, doesn’t feel like you’re stuck at home anymore.

  • This combination photo shows some of the books by Iranian children’s writers published in Chinese. 2021-11-10 18:05

    Chinese translations of Persian children’s books unveiled  

    TEHRAN – Chinese translations of a collection of ten children’s books by contemporary Iranian writers were unveiled during a session in Tehran on Wednesday.

  • Eight books of the series “Thought and Cultural Currents in Contemporary Iran” were unveiled in a meeting at the Iran Book and Literature House in Tehran on June 1, 2021.  2021-06-01 18:49

    Books on modern Iranian cultural currents unveiled

    TEHRAN – A book series studying thought and cultural currents in contemporary Iran was unveiled in a special meeting at the Iran Book and Literature House in Tehran on Tuesday.

  • Mahmud Barabadi 2019-07-09 19:26

    Translated books easier to publish in Iran: writer

    TEHRAN – Veteran children’s book writer Mahmud Barabadi has said that the publication of translated books is much easier and more economical for publishers in Iran compared to those authored by Iranian writers.