Iran-Iraq joint investment opportunities summit to be held soon

February 15, 2022 - 12:46

TEHRAN – Head of Organization for Investment, Economic, and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) Ali Fekri has said an Iran-Iraq joint investment opportunities summit is going to be held in the near future, ILNA reported.

According to Fekri, over 1,000 businessmen and entrepreneurs from the two countries are expected to attend this summit.

Referring to the holding of Iraq’s Investment Opportunities Exhibition, which is going to be held in Baghdad during March 28-31, Fekri said: "Iranian investment opportunities will also be introduced to Iraqis and other countries in this exhibition."

According to the official, Iran will open a pavilion in the mentioned exhibition.

Enumerating the goals of holding the pavilion of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the exhibition of investment opportunities in Iraq, the deputy economy minister stated: “Identifying and introducing Iraqi investors, introducing the benefits of Iran Investment Law, establishing relations between the investors of the two countries, introducing successful investment projects in Iran, identifying the Iraqi market and production opportunities in Iraq, introducing Iranian knowledge-based and technology projects for production in Iran or Iraq, introducing the latest equipment, technology, machinery and services available in Iran and Iraq, creating opportunities for interaction between investors and entrepreneurs and introducing investment plans and opportunities in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq for investors of the two countries are the most important goals of Iran's presence in the Iraqi exhibition.”

“Iraq has the longest shared border with Iran with 13 border crossings and numerous daily flights between the two countries which have made it easier for the two countries’ businessmen to travel and trade,” Fekri said.

He further mentioned the willingness of Iraqi investors to invest outside of Iraq, saying: “One of the attractive destinations for Iraqi investment is Iran, so our goal is to guide Iraqi investors properly to Iranian projects, especially those that further tie the interests of the two countries.”

Fekri noted that in this exhibition, investment projects of Turkey, the United Arab Emirate (UAE), Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq will be introduced to the visitors.

“Different countries and their nationals will be acquainted with investment projects in Iraq, and joint investment opportunities will be provided between the attending countries,” he added.


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