Iran ambassador to Ukraine visits residence of Iranian students in Kyiv

February 25, 2022 - 21:52

TEHRAN – Iran’s ambassador to Ukraine paid a visit on Thursday night to the shelter Iranian students in the country are taking refuge in as arrangements are being done to transfer them back home as Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday morning. 

Manouchehr Moradi visited the residence of some Iranian students living in Kyiv and spoke closely with them and learned about their problems.

The visit came after some students posted footage and videos on social media platforms voicing concerns about their safety in Ukraine.

Also, the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ukraine announced that it continues to provide services to compatriots and help their situation and is ready to respond to and address their requests.

Saeed Khatibzadeh, spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Thursday that he was following the developments in Ukraine with “deep concern”.

Khatibzadeh has expressed regret over the start of military actions and the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine, saying Tehran is following the developments in the country with concern.

He said, “Unfortunately provocative moves by NATO spearheaded by the U.S. have led to a situation which has pushed the Eurasian region on the cusp of a big crisis.”

He underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran invites Russia and Ukraine to stop the hostilities and establish a ceasefire for immediate talks in order to resolve the crisis through political means.

Khatibzadeh also urged Russia and Ukraine to observe international law and international humanitarian laws during the conflict.

Khatibzadeh also referred to the situation of Iranians living in Ukraine, saying, "The most important current mission of Iran’s Foreign Ministry is to fully and urgently address the situation of Iranians living in Ukraine, which is underway according to predictions made using all capacities."

He added that the Iranian embassy in Ukraine is fully active and serves students and other Iranians 24 hours a day, in accordance with the previous instructions.

Amid developments in Ukraine, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian held a phone call with the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to Kyiv, and while getting the latest briefings on the situation on the ground in Ukraine, was informed on the latest situation of Iranian nationals residing in the country as well as Iran’s diplomats and their families there.

During the phone call, the foreign minister issued the necessary advice on Iranian residents, especially Iranian students studying in Ukraine, and reiterated the need for the embassy to offer 24-hour services to fellow Iranians.

Amir Abdollahian also directed the ambassador to offer the necessary assistance on student exit seals, seeing the emergency situation in the country, and regardless of the existing directives.

It should be mentioned that this is the second phone call by the foreign minister following last week’s contact with the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to Kyiv amid the unfolding critical situation in Ukraine.

Moreover, starting from the onset of the current crisis in Ukraine, the foreign ministry formed a special task force for the purpose. The task force, which is headed by the deputy minister for administrative and financial affairs, also involves the deputy minister for consular affairs and the political director general for Eurasia, as well as the ambassador as a virtual member to coordinate affairs.

The aim of the task force is to monitor the latest developments in Ukraine, to draw out the necessary guidelines for assistance to resident fellow nationals in the country and put Iran’s embassies in countries neighboring Ukraine on special notice with the aim of offering any needed assistance for the evacuation of Iranians in case of an emergency situation.

Amir Abdollahian called on Iranians residing in Ukraine to keep cool and contact the Iranian embassy, while taking note of the guidelines issued by the Iranian embassy in Ukraine, and move to take shelter in safe areas or to exit the country and return to Iran.

Iran has said the war in Ukraine was a result of NATO provocations. 

“The #Ukraine crisis is rooted in NATO's provocations. We don't believe that resorting to war is a solution. Imperative to establish ceasefire & to find a political and democratic resolution,” the Iranian foreign minister said on Twitter.

Khatibzadeh has commented on the latest developments in Ukraine, noting that Iran is pursuing issues related to the country with sensitivity.

The spokesman added that Iran invites all sides to exercise restraint and believes any action that could escalate tensions should be avoided. Khatibzadeh also called on all sides to work to resolve disagreements through talks and within a peaceful framework.

“Unfortunately, interference and provocative measures by NATO and led by the U.S. have made things more complicated in this region,” he said.

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