Mahdieh Jahed Taherani

Persian with a heavy Arabic accent

March 2, 2022 - 17:35

When I saw the book, the first thing which drew my attention was its title. I wanted to know where the “Bazidar” is, so I ordered it quickly, but after reading the “No introduction” part, everything changed.

“Bazidar, is the name of kind of a Pigeon that flies in such a beautiful way in the blue sky and amazes whoever watches that scene…,” Pigeon fanciers know this type of pigeon very well.

“Bazidar” which is written by Mahboubeh Sadat Razavinia, and published by Soore Mehr, is about an Iraqi man who was one of Saddam’s soldiers during the Iran-Iraq war that served as chief because he didn’t want to kill his Muslim brothers.

In his old hotel in Karbala, Seyyed Abbas sat down and shared his life and memories with Mahboubeh Sadat Razavinia in his Arabic accented Persian. He told her everything from his childhood to his adolescence, his military service that coincides with the war, his engagement with an Iranian wife, escapes from the war, him trying to get a position that didn’t involve a single bullet, his fears of the Ba'athists and how he ended up being captured by Iranian forces. 

What makes the book interesting is the narrator’s view. He has always maintained his faith in Imam Hussein, never offended his country and people, and even called the soldiers of his country “martyr” but he was also fair enough to talk good about Iranian soldiers and their kindness. 

According to the author, Mahboubeh Sadat Razavinia, she did not change Seyyed Abbas's characteristics and wrote everything just as he was interviewed. Although the author believes that this is what makes the book perfect, I believe it makes the book difficult to read and illegible in some parts since all of the dialogues were written in accented Persian, sometimes with no verb that made it incomprehensible. 

The book cover design is another thing that makes it interesting, a gun many flowers on it, which completely matches with the context. 

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