U.S. shows once again it is enemy of Iranian people: government

April 3, 2022 - 17:58

TEHRAN – Ali Bahadori Jahromi, spokesman for the Iranian government, has reacted to the U.S. move to bar a renowned Iranian singer from entering the U.S. despite having a valid visa from an American consulate. 

He said the move, coupled with the recent American sanctions imposed on Iran, showed that the U.S. is pursuing hostile policies toward the Iranian people in all circumstances. 

“The US government, which has a clear record of breaches of international law and human rights standards, simultaneously with the claim of goodness; by imposing new sanctions and preventing an Iranian singer from entering under false pretenses, it has once again shown that it is hostile to the ‘people’ of Iran in all circumstances,” the spokesman said on Twitter. 

Iranian singer Alireza Ghorbani was going to Irvine, a suburb of Los Angeles, USA, to perform at the city's Nowruz concert. But U.S. Border Patrol officers at Toronto Airport in Canada prevented him from traveling.

U.S. Border guards took down Alireza Ghorbani after he passed the visa approval stage and boarded the plane, and after four hours of interrogation, his visa was revoked, according to IRNA. 

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