65% rise in visits to Khorasan Razavi sites during Noruz

April 5, 2022 - 19:18

TEHRAN - Visits by Noruz trippers to museums and historical sites in Khorasan Razavi province grow 65 percent over the Iranian new year holidays (started March 21) compared to the same period last year, the deputy provincial tourism chief has said.

“Over 225,900 people toured museums and historical sites across the province during the two-week period,” Yousef Bidkhori said on Tuesday.

Mashhad, the provincial capital, is Iran’s holiest and second-largest city. Its raison d’être is the striking shrine complex of the eighth Shia Imam that is encircled by dozens of five-star hotels and many other accommodation centers. Mashhad and the buffer zone of the complex present a unique approach and exercise towards the development of pilgrimage areas during history concerning a city and its religious core, in a way that the expression of the pilgrimage concept can be vividly seen in the architectural and urban planning of the city.

The Imam Reza complex, in general also in detail enjoys unique creativity and genius, altogether has formed a unique cultural, artistic masterpiece all over the world. The architectural design of the complex has also complied with these traditions and rituals to address the needs of people and the urban landscape. Every year, over 20 million pilgrims visit the holy shrine and perform a set of traditions, one of which is the upper mentioned salutation rituals.

Historical data suggests that the complex has been developed in different stages of time according to the needs of the people and rituals associated with the holy shrine, yet the structure, design concepts, forms, material, tangible and intangible aspects, morphology, entering circumstances, praying rites and the spirit of the complex retained its authenticity and integrity the whole time and with legal and religious support of authorities and people.

Regarding the cultural, historic, and architectural aspects, as mentioned by UNESCO, the complex could be comparable with several other religious complexes such as “Saint Peter’s Tomb” in the Vatican, “Mahabodhi Temple” in India, “Mount Emei” in China and “Lumbini” in Nepal.


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