President calls for knowledge-based management

April 6, 2022 - 21:17

TEHRAN — Iran’s president believes that the management in the country should be knowledge-based.

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with entrepreneurs and knowledge-based production actors that lasted about 2 hours, President Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stated that it is necessary to change the perspective in the field of knowledge-based economy.

“Today, officials and entrepreneurs must work hard to bring the current situation closer to the desired situation.”

Emphasizing that management in the country should be knowledge-based, the president said that he believes that the need to move towards a knowledge-based economy is “to seek knowledge-based management, so change in management areas is a serious necessity of society.”

To do great things in the country, Raisi added, it is necessary to change the processes, otherwise in the existing complex administrative system nothing can be done. 

“Therefore, the process of idea formation is necessary to transform and facilitate its transformation into a product,” the president remarked. 

Referring to the important role of industries and large companies in strengthening knowledge-based companies, Raisi added that large industries should base their activities and production on knowledge, and if this does not happen, small knowledge-based companies cannot grow effectively.

The president noted, “By providing the necessary incentives, government agencies can lead large industries and companies to knowledge-based activities and support the products of knowledge-based companies.”

Raisi also put an emphasis on making the motto of the year happen, saying that it is not only the duty of the vice-president for science and technology, but “all institutions should feel responsible in this regard.”

The president added that in institutional transformation, it is necessary to transform the departments related to knowledge-based companies, and in this regard, instead of knowledge-based companies going to executive bodies, it is these departments that should seriously pursue the concerns and problems of knowledge-based companies.

Raisi described uncontrolled imports as a serious obstacle to the development of companies and knowledge-based products, adding, “The relevant authorities need to seriously prevent such imports and identify them if there are secret groups in this field.”

The president concluded his remarks by saying that when there are products with advanced technology and with the necessary and competitive standards in the country, similar ones should not be imported into the country and in no way should some people be allowed to seek uncontrolled imports through favoritism.

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