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Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) - A story of a young musician from Iran

April 10, 2022 - 18:3

Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) (born August 10, 2000 in Shahreza, Iran) is a singer, songwriter, musician and record producer

Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi, whose short name is Ahmad Mousavi, is a professional in the music industry. He is a famous and popular Iranian music artist, entrepreneur, digital marketing, influencer and internet personality. He was born on August 10, 2000, to a middle-class family living in Shahreza.

His songs have been very popular on music platforms.

For example, he has about 6,000 followers in soundcloud, which so far has only 250,000 views in soundcloud alone!

He is active on Spotify, YouTube and all music streaming platforms, and music has been well received everywhere.

"I am trying to do an extraordinary job," said Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi). Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi), a young musician, currently spends most of his time with music and singing. He also dreams of becoming a producer of quality music and digital marketing. I also want to introduce myself to the world as a top music producer.

Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi): I try to do something different. I try to calm people's souls with my music.

Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) is known as AhmadMousaviOrg in most of the social networks he works in.

For example, Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) has about 100,000 followers in his Instagram application!

You can see the Instagram of Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) through the following link:

Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) is also active on Twitter, Facebook and soundcloud under the username AhmadMousaviOrg and has many fans in these applications.

He has released singles (Night), (Life gose on), (Gun), (Wounds of Life), (Donyaye vahshi).

He has released music albums (The Gray Album, which included 5 tracks), (War, which included 10 tracks), (Love, which included 10 tracks), (Flower, which included 10 tracks), (Deadly, which included 5 tracks)  And (The Milky Way, which included 8 tracks).

Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) has told his fans to always follow your dream and be sure that your dream will come true, do not let anyone stop you!  Have faith in yourself.

Sayed Ahmadreza Mousavi (Ahmad Mousavi) has promised his fans that he will soon release music that will promote his work a few steps and shine in the world.

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